dental fear and anxiety in pediatric patients 2017 practical strategies to help children cope

caroline campbell


this book is a comprehensive guide to pediatric dental fear/anxiety (dfa) and phobia that will provide practitioners with a full understanding of the etiology, prevalence, assessment, and management of these conditions. the coping styles of children when under stress are explored, with discussion of their relevance to the assessment visit and treatment allocation. practical treatment techniques are comprehensively covered, from non-pharmacological behavioral strategies relevant for children with no or mild dfa to those approaches more appropriate for children with severe dfa/phobia. the importance of the use of language and communication skills to build rapport and allay anxiety is explored. relaxation and hypnosis techniques are described, with guidance on how to introduce these to patients and their parents/carers. techniques that help children cope when receiving injections are detailed, including systematic needle desensitization; these provide practitioners with options to help resolve dfa and phobia regarding needles. intravenous sedation, including the challenge of cannulation, is covered comprehensively.furthermore, cognitive behavioral therapy is presented, with suggestion of practical self-help material when appropriate. the closing chapter looks to the future, discussing the barriers to and the changes required for the creation of more child-centered dfa more

pediatric dentistry a clinical approach

goran koch


pediatric dentistry: a clinical approach, third edition provides a uniquely clear, comprehensive, and clinical approach to the dental treatment of children and adolescents. * offers systematic coverage of all clinical, scientific and social topics relating to pediatric dentistry * thoroughly revised and updated new edition, with an increased focus on evidence based care * includes three new chapters on genetics, child abuse and neglected children, and ethics * pedodontic endodontics is now covered by two chapters one on primary teeth and one on young permanent teeth * features a companion website with interactive self-assessment questionsshow more

textbook of pediatric dentistry

9789351522324by marwah nikhil
the book of pediatric dentistry discusses about the approach to patient care and actual preventive treatment techniques required to treat various dental diseases. it gives a description on the medical emergencies including causes, signs and symptoms, pathophysiology, diagnoses, treatment and prognosis thus improving the medical conditions and diseases. the book is divided into 19 sections which include introduction to pediatric dentistry, diagnosis in pediatric dentistry, growth and development, developmental aspects of dentition, behavioral pedodontics, preventive pedodontics, pediatric orthodontics, cariology, restorative dentistry, pediatric endodontics, gingiva and periodontium in children, oral surgical procedures in children, hospital dentistry, dentistry for the special child, pediatric oral pathology, forensic pedodontics, lasers in pediatric dentistry, advancements in pediatric dentistry, and research methodology in pedodontics. the book will provide an important guidance for undergraduate students and postgraduates to the modern concepts of dentistry for children and adolescents.

crowns in pediatric dentistry

9789351524397by babaji prashant
this book discusses about the types of crowns used in pediatric dentistry. the development of abnormal oral habits, reduced masticatory efficiency and loss of vertical dimension of occlusion leads to dental caries and it is important to restore the destroyed crowns. the continuous development in the crowns increases the efficiency and reliability of the crowns. the development in stainless steel crown to strip crown, ceramic and preveneered crowns increases the clinical success and patient and parent satisfaction. this book presents the complete details of developments in pediatric crowns, types of crowns used in pediatric dentistry, restoration of destructed teeth with post and core, their management and complications.

early childhood oral health

by joel h. berg, rebecca l. slayton

dental caries has been called a “silent epidemic” and is the most prevalent chronic disease affecting children. though much has been written on the science and practice of managing this disease, publications are diverse in their loci, preventing easy access to the reader. early childhood oral health coalesces all the important information related to this topic in a comprehensive reference for students, academics, and practitioners.

this second edition expands the scope of the first and puts an additional focus on interprofessional and global efforts that are necessary to manage the growing disease crisis and screening and risk assessment efforts that have expanded with the boom of new technologies. with updated references and incorporating the latest research, chapters address the biology and epidemiology of caries, the clinical management of early childhood caries, risk assessment, and early diagnosis. other topics include public health approaches to managing caries worldwide, implementation of new caries prevention programs, fluoride regimens, and community programs, and family oral health education. brand new are four chapters on the medical management of early childhood caries, considerations for children with special needs, interprofessional education and practice, and how the newest policy issues and the affordable care act affect dental care.

a must-read for pediatric dentists, cariologists, public health dentists, and students in these fields, early childhood oral health is also relevant for pediatricians and pediatric nursing specialists worldwide.

handbook of clinical techniques in pediatric dentistry

by jane a. soxman (editor)

the handbook of clinical techniques in pediatric dentistry provides the clinician with an increased level of expertise and skills for timely identification and intervention for various presentations in the developing dentition. it also clearly describes procedures for treatment in the primary and young permanent dentitions, including pulp therapy for primary and young permanent molars, extractions, space maintenance, and more. the most commonly encountered treatment needs are discussed with the goal of increasing clinician and staff confidence while decreasing chair-time and stress.

with an emphasis on practical instruction, the handbook of clinical techniques in pediatric dentistry is ideal for pediatric and general dentists, pediatric residents, and dental students taking clinical pediatric courses.

planning and care for children and adolescents with dental enamel defects aetiology research and contemporary management

by bernadette k. drummond (editor), nicola kilpatrick (editor)

defective development of tooth enamel or dentin is a significant dental problem for children and adolescents in various respects, and dentists and other oral health workers find managing these problems challenging and stressful. while a considerable amount of relevant research is currently being undertaken, much further investigation is needed. this book discusses the known causes of defective dental enamel and explains why it is so difficult to restore. most importantly, it presents the signs and symptoms that allow accurate diagnosis and documents the best contemporary management. the full range of enamel defects is considered, including defects in primary teeth and permanent teeth, associated syndromes, molar incisor hypomineralization, and genetic defects. the clinical chapters are well illustrated, providing clear guidelines for each procedure. in addition, avenues for future research are identified, with explanation of their rationale.

whats in your mouth whats in your childs mouth

what's in your mouth what's in your child's mouthby douglas a. terry

health care providers have a responsibility to instill each new generation of patients with the importance of oral health care, and this book teaches pediatric patients and their parents the importance of proper brushing and flossing by showing what happens when children neglect their teeth. this hardcover book is two books in one. the first half (what’s in your mouth ) is written to introduce children to the importance of daily hygiene care, and the second half (what’s in your child’s mouth ) provides parents with the information to guide their children’s oral health habits. this book is sure to enthrall and inform patients of any age.

jaypee gold standard mini atlas series pedodontics

author: marwah nikhil, k vijay prabha

this colored atlas of pedodontics would be a very valuable and highly informative tool for identification of various dental anomalies, common dental disease and various dental procedures in the scope of pedodontics. this atlas of pedodontics would help all dentists whether studying or practicing to understand the subject and procedures in pedodontics better and apply this visual knowledge in their routine practice for betterment of patient care.

pocket book of pedodontics

author: marwah nikhil

this “pocketbook of pedodontics” would enable all dentists, undergraduate and postgraduate students and those preparing for entrance examinations to understand the subject and procedures in pedodontics in a much quicker and efficient manner. the essence of this book is quick understanding, reference and revision in minimum time.

behavior management in dentistry for children 2nd edition

behavior management in dentistry for children 2by

  • gerald z. wright
  • ari kupietzky

guiding patient behavior is as important as ever for the practicing dentist, and the behavior of pediatric patients is perhaps the most challenging to manage. drs. wright and kupietzky here update dr. wright’s classic work on managing pediatric dental patients.

behavior management in dentistry for children,
2nd edition, has been entirely rewritten and includes the latest and most effective management strategies from an international team of experts in the field. the book addresses the influence of family and parenting styles on children’s behavior and the factors that determine how children behave in the dental office. pharmacological and non-pharmacological management techniques are described in depth, as are techniques for dealing with special needs patients. clinical scenarios are described throughout the book, with practical application of the taught principles. the final part of the book covers the dental environment—training office personnel to manage children’s behavior, practical considerations for behavior guidance, and the effects of the physical dental office environment.

behavior management in dentistry for children,
2nd edition, is ideal for pediatric residents, dental students, and practicing dentists who see children on a regular basis.

cd-rom/dvd and other supplementary materials are not included as part of the e-book file, but are available for after purchase.

gold child taming how to manage children in dental practice

child tamingby

  • barbara l. chadwick
  • marie therese hosey

quintessentials 9, paediatric dentistry/orthodontics 1

dentistry can provoke great apprehension in children, and successfully managing younger patients presents both the greatest challenge and the greatest reward for dentists. this book focuses on training the dental team and parents to work together to ensure that a child’s visit to the dentist is a pleasurable experience.

gold pedodontics practice and management

image descriptionby

  • badrinatheswar gv bds, mds, 3, nile street, broomhill, sheffield, south yorkshire, s10 2pn, uk

the book pedodontics practice and management gives a complete coverage of all aspects of the pediatric dentistry from the basics to the recent developments in child management. it furnishes a clear coverage of basic anatomy, introduction, cariology, child abuse, development, pathology, investigations, diagnosis, management, normal and pathologic oro-dental and general health in children with emphasis on growth, behavior management, and dental treatment procedures. contents of this book are factual, reliable, and scientifically accurate and are based on recent literature. inclusion of forensic pedodontics, pediatric genetics, and epidemiology will be much informative to the readers. it is well structured with separate sections dealing with each and every aspect in detail. the striking layout, illustrations and photographs reflect the efforts put by the author on making this book. the book pedodontics practice and management provides with vast information regarding evolving trends and practices in the specialty of pediatric dentistry. writing this textbook is a dream come true and it has a lot of valuable information and sure to be a worthy dental book for the students of dentistry. this textbook is a compilation of ideas, theories and information about the growing needs for pediatric dental health. the book follows a sequential diagrammatic representation and enabling easier understanding of the principles and techniques involved in treating a child. every dental student gets his share of information and his quest to seek more information through this textbook. this book is not only useful to undergraduates but also a reference to postgraduates and for all practicing dental surgeons.

gold essentials of pediatric dentistry

essentials of pediatric dentistry asnaniby

  • kanchan harikishan asnani bds, college of dental science and hospital, indore, madhya pradesh, india

pediatric dentistry also known as pedodontics; is the area of dentistry concerned with dentistry for adolescents and children including preventive and therapeutic oral health care from birth through adolescence with adjunctive special care for special patients demonstrating mental, physical or emotional problems beyond the age of adolescence. pediatric dentistry incorporates various branches within itself such as restorative; endodontics; preventive; rehabilitation; radiology; oral surgery; oral medicine; evidence based practice dealing with the cases of child abuse, child neglect, oral burns and bitemarks also reports the practical importance of study in the field of pediatric dentistry. pediatric dentistry also incorporates the issues of dental public health which is a field of study within the broader field of public health; which prevent dental diseases and help promoting dental health through organized community efforts. pediatric dentistry is in itself is a modulated or totally altered phase of dentistry of usually practiced in general for adult patients from instruments, procedures, rehabilitation and treatment outcomes; so to achieve complete knowledge of dentistry and for targeting independency in practicing one must be with complete knowledge of general and pediatric dentistry; the basic text has been written in an attempt to make our understanding of pediatric dentistry accessible to undergraduates and general practitioner by providing integrated concepts with better elaboration; synthesizing the very latest clinical concepts. the organization of text serves as format for dealing various procedures to be undertaken in children with different age groups with special concern towards the practical importance of subject itself.

modern pediatric dentistry

modern pediatric dentistryby

  • vinay kumar srivastava, professor and head, department of pedodontics and preventive dentistry, saraswati dental college, lucknow, up, india

the key attribute of a good textbook is its ability to explain things so interestingly that students are able to understand and appreciate it. dentistry and teaching of dentistry are undergoing profound changes continuously. rapid progress has recently been made in the fields of adhesive dental materials, advances in instrument, microbiology, physiology, preventive dentistry as well as genetics and forensic science. it is for us as teachers to convey the recent inventions and discoveries in the fields of pediatric dentistry to the students. this book is intended for students who are pursuing careers in pediatric dental health. my aim is to present a straightforward, uncomplicated approach to the subject both for the pupils and their teachers. i had three main objectives for preparing this book: (i) to bring the book up-to-date in both depth and scope, so that it may reflect recent discoveries and advances in the fields of pediatric dentistry. (ii) to present the matter with appropriate explanations and functional examples so that it can be more accessible to a larger group of students. (iii) to make the book fully career-oriented, to fulfill the needs of every undergraduate and postgraduate students. students learn more when presented with concise illustrated educational material. i would say that along with the vast knowledge that the book covers, it is an affordable book for keen and eager students. emphasis has been placed on clarity and importance of mastering fundamentals.

handbook of pediatric dentistry


angus c. cameron, bds(hons), mdsc(syd), fdsrcs(eng), fracds, ficd;

richard p. widmer, bdsc(hons), mdsc(melb), fracds, ficd.

book description

this book fills the need in the market for a practical book presenting all the information required – in a practical, concise, pocket-sized format – for clinicians in their day-to-day management of pediatric dental patients. it began from student notes for the university of sydney course in pediatric dentistry, and has been edited and revised by specialists and teachers of pediatric dentistry in australasia and hong kong. it is organized for rapid access to key practical information, and is both comprehensive and concise.
* presents the essentials of management for children with dental trauma, providing vital information for both students and practitioners. * presents hard-to-find, up-to-date information on pediatric dentistry. * includes color photographs of dental abnormalities * has world-wide acceptance * provides basic information in a clear and readily retrievable form, offering answers to presenting problems for the busy practitioner.

editorial reviews


“…a very useful, comprehensive yet concise, and user-friendly textbook on the subject of paediatric dentistry.
a practical and highly illustrated guide to the day-to-day dental management of children.” medical student, university of wales college of medicine, leech y gelen, september 2003 –this text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

book description

an essential companion in the dental office –this text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

customer reviews

the most concise reference pediatric dentistry book, may 17, 2004

this book is really good especially for dentists in australasia. i found this book to be concise and straight to the point. it is clinically focussed. definately recommended for the general dentist.

good comprehensive book on pedo, october 7, 2011

good read and easy to follow.
good tables and flowcharts in case of emergencies, traumas, abscesses, etc.
couple errors in rx’s
no real info on tooth movement, uprighting (which is okay)
no real info on space maintenance, tpa, ling arches, band/loop (which is not)
good to have if you don’t see too many kids.

the best pediatric book available., december 27, 2010

the best pediatric hand book available. they have all the best contributors too. best of all the price very affordable.

handbook of pediatric dentistry, june 18, 2009

on page xiii preface, it is quite meaningful to all of us. i write it here for your reference “a lot of players say you can’t play that course. that’s a bunch of junk. a good player can play any course. you adapt your game to the golf course. you don’t adapt the course to your game.” it is the spirit of dentistry. can anyone of us take a few minutes of thinking what’s the feelig of visiting a dentist at her or his childhood especially at their first visit i said that because i met before. the one changed my life and made me having a chance of reading this book. so, it is a good book. keep it!
the book provides many clearly illustrations that are easily understand and very useful at practice.
there is a special chapter talking about pedo endodontics and writing so details. moreover, a huge chapter of dental trauma of children give us references to handle the case if we meet.

product details

  • paperback: 352 pages
  • publisher: mosby; 2nd edition (october 20, 1997)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 0723430683
  • isbn-13: 978-0723430681
  • product dimensions: 9.5 x 6.2 x 0.8 inches
  • shipping weight: 1.8 pounds

dentistry for the child and adolescent 8th edition


ralph e. mcdonald, dds, ms, dean emeritus and professor emeritus of pediatric dentistry david r. avery, dds, msd, ralph e. mcdonald professor and director of pediatric dentistry jeffrey a. dean, dds, msd, associate professor of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics indiana university school of dentistry and james whitcomb riley hospital for children, indianapolis, indiana

book description

one of the most successful textbooks in pediatric dentistry, this expert resource provides superior, comprehensive coverage of oral care for infants, children, teenagers, and medically compromised individuals. thoroughly revised material offers the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment recommendations based on current research, literature, and clinical experience. now in its 8th edition, this classic text continues to offer in-depth coverage of all areas relevant to the contemporary science and practice of pediatric dentistry.

  • discussions of theories related to molecular biology of the eruption of teeth explain problems related to dental eruption and insight into future methods for their resolution.
  • incorporates the american cleft palate – craniofacial association guidelines for the most recent advances in treatment of cleft lip and palate.
  • follows academy-approved guidelines for the use of anesthetics in the treatment of the child patient as well as outpatient vs. in-patient procedures.
  • provides an overview of practice management including patient scheduling, insurance, and third party plans.
  • includes dentists’ guide for documenting and reporting child abuse and neglect.
  • provides valuable information on cavity varnish, mercury toxicity, and glass ionomer cements.
  • provides indications for the use of implants to replace teeth (congenitally missing or lost as a result of trauma) in pediatric patients.
  • an updated chapter on nutrition and health shows how food choices and patterns of eating initiated in childhood affect oral health and overall well-being at every stage of life.
  • an increased emphasis on the genetic influence of root resorption associated with orthodontic treatment explores this hot topic.
  • coverage of new restorative materials examines their use in everyday clinical restorative practice.
  • new coverage of tooth whitening for children and its indications responds to the growing popularity of cosmetic tooth whitening for people of all ages.
  • an updated radiography chapter provides thorough information on digital radiography in children’s dentistry.
  • increased emphasis on early childhood caries and the alternative restorative technique (art) – a technique used to restore defective or carious teeth with minimal cavity preparation followed by placement of a fluoride-releasing material – reflects the american academy of pediatric dentistry’s position on art.
  • the chapter on anxiety control and pain/analgesics includes specific dosage recommendations for managing anxious or fearful patients.
  • the updated pharmacologic management chapter includes the latest information on sedation techniques in children.
  • the updated trauma chapter includes new splinting recommendations for root fractures and the new titanium trauma splint, cross-referenced to the international association of dental traumatology diagnostic and treatment guidelines, and categories for treatment of avulsed teeth.
  • a new section on the dental management of patients with sickle cell anemia offers the most current information for treating children with disabilities as well as medically compromised patients.
  • revised illustrations help readers see techniques in a modern dental office setting.

editorial reviews


hailed as the definitive work in paediatric dentistry, this invaluable new edition reflects the recent progress in everything from paediatric oral pathology and preventative care to practice management. the most current information available is provided to help the professional provide efficient and superior comprehensive oral health care for infants, children, teenagers and medically compromised individuals. over 1,200 clear, quality illustrations accompany discussions on sedation and anaesthesia examination, development, morphology, caries and much more! –this text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

book description

offers the latest diagnostic and treatment recommendations

customer reviews

the pediatric dental bible, gets better with each edition i have all the editions of this textbook. the authors continue to update all areas of pediatric dentistry. since the speciality of pediatric dentistry is one of primary care, the dentist must continue to be current in all the areas of dental treatment for the child.the chapters in this textbook are well written and cover a multitude of subjects. the dentist who uses it as a reference will be well informed. recommended by the medical library association recommended in “a basic list of recommended books and journals for support of clinical dentistry in a nondental library” in bulletin of the medical library association, july 1997. dentistry for the child and adolescent this has been a great resource for our dentist. she has found it to be very helpful.