journal of prosthodontics on complex restorations

nadim z. baba


journal of prosthodontics on complex restorations compiles 34 of the journal s best articles discussing complex restorative dental challenges, collecting notable works on the subject. * presents a curated list of the best peer-reviewed articles on complex restorations from the pages of journal of prosthodontics * covers management of maxillofacial defects using cad/cam technology, tooth wear, congenital disorders, orthodontic/prosthodontic patients, patients with surgical and maxillofacial challenges, and completely edentulous patients using new ceramic material * offers a mix of clinical reports, research articles, and reviewsshow more

prosthodontics an issue of dental clinics

lily t garcia
this issue of dental clinics examines the continued need and treatment options for prosthodontic care with articles that cover: evidence-based decision making, occlusion, fixed prosthodontics, removable partial prosthodontics, removable complete prosthodontics, geriatric prosthodontic care, latest biomaterials and technology, digital imaging and fabrication, prosthodontic management of the sleep apnea patient, prosthodontic management of implant therapy, caries management by risk assessment for long-term prosthodontic rehabilitation, and removable partial prosthodontics.

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removable partial dentures a practitioners manual

akar, olcay (ed.)

this clinical guide describes the latest developments in planning, materials, and techniques for successful fabrication of removable partial dentures (rpds). the fabrication of rpds is demonstrated in a simple and easy-to-understand format, with the aid of numerous color figures and video clips and scientific support on each page. care has been taken to provide reliable guidance on all aspects of clinical practice relating to rpds. readers will find information on decision-making regarding treatment options, clasp-retained rpds and esthetic solutions, attachments and double crown systems in rpds, implant-assisted rpds, maintenance and post-insertion problems for all types of rpds, the role of rpds in the management of temporomandibular disorders, re-establishing occlusal vertical dimension and maximal intercuspation.

stewarts clinical removable partial prosthodontics 4th edition

stewart’s clinical removable partial prosthodontics, 4th editionby rodney d. phoenix

the fourth edition of this classic prosthodontic textbook features a new chapter on implant-assisted removable partial dentures as well as a description of the prosthodontic diagnostic index. as before, the text provides an overview of removable partial denture service in contemporary dental practice with an emphasis on clinical and design aspects. clinical topics range from examination and treatment planning to mouth preparation and prosthesis placement. common design philosophies are discussed, and a step-by-step method for partial denture design is presented. also included are alternative removable partial denture therapies such as swing lock, dual path, and attachment-type prostheses. to facilitate visualization and understanding, the text is accompanied by numerous illustrations. like those that came before it, this edition is intended to help the student, the general practitioner, and the specialist consistently provide high-quality prosthodontic treatment for their patients.

introduction to metal ceramic technology 2nd edition

introduction to metal-ceramic technologyby w. patrick naylor

this completely revised and updated edition presents the theory and technical procedures for physically constructing an esthetic metal-ceramic restoration using contemporary dental porcelain systems. readers are introduced to the complex technical language of this technology as they are patiently guided through each step of the process. new to this edition is an increased emphasis on evidence-based documentation; information on biocompatibility, including indications of intra- and extraoral allergic responses; explanations of the rationale for variations in substructure design; expanded dental materials content; updated dental porcelain and dental alloy classifications; firing schedules for current products; and much more. written specifically for dental technology students, dental students, graduate students and residents in advanced education programs, and advanced technical courses.

failure in the restored dentition management and treatment

failure in the restored dentitionby michael d. wise & anthony laurie

few people in britain have made a greater contribution to postgraduate education in dentistry than michael wise.
this book is a distillation of his teaching in restorative dentistry and how he sets about treating patients. the author’s appeal to the general practitioner is obvious since, although he is regarded as a specialist in his field, he is still a dedicated general practitioner and quickly relates to their problems. to say that his book is comprehensive would be an understatement; the reader will find a well from which to draw information and guidance for a long time ahead.
the author’s approach is always to assess problems in depth before any form of treatment is started. this philosophy, as he rightly says, can save much grief and argument later.
the original edition is now available as ebook. quintessenz verlag / quintessence publishing

indirect restorations

indirect restorationsby dr. david bartlett & dr. david ricketts

this easy-to-digest book offers expert guidance in each of the procedures involved in preparing for and placing indirect restorations. written for students and novices, it walks readers through the steps of tooth preparation, shade taking, fabrication of the provisional restoration, impression taking, assessment of the occlusion (with and without an articulator), and crown placement. clinical advice and expert tips for managing each phase make this book a valuable adjunct to the training one receives in dental school.

complete dentures from planning to problem solving

complete dentures from planning to problem solvingby dr. finbarr allen & dr. seán mccarthy

the proportion of elderly adults is rapidly rising as life expectancy increases. many of these adults will not retain sufficient numbers of teeth for the remainder of their lives, and will require complete dentures at some point. this book deals with the planning, construction and review of complete dentures and examines the role of osseointegrated prostheses in the management of edentulism.

textbook of complete dentures edition 6

by arthur o. rahn, john r. ivanhoe, kevin d. plummer

this newest edition presents various aspects of the basic principles of complete denture prosthodontics. the text is technique-oriented and relates the basic sciences of anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology and psychology with the art and mechanics involved in complete denture construction. this clinically oriented and well-illustrated book will provide the essential information to successfully treat complete denture patients in any dental practice environment. all dental students and practitioners interested in removable prosthodontics will benefit greatly from reading this comprehensive textbook. new to this edition: (1) color photographs of all clinical procedures; (2) introduction to implant retained/supported overdentures; (3) in-depth discussion of all denture occlusion concepts; (4) digital image collection for instructors

review of complete dentures

author: m lovely

a review of complete dentures is primarily designed to be a quick revision tool just before the examinations for the final year bds dental students. the last ten years’ question papers from all major universities in india have been collected and solutions to almost all essay and short note questions have been included. drawings of exceptional nature included in this review. this book will be useful for practising dentists and postgraduate students to keep up with the latest in the subject.

review of fixed partial dentures

image descriptionby

  • lovely m

dr lovely m in her book review of fixed partial dentures has very succinctly and precisely provided answers to questions in fixed prosthodontics that are commonly asked in the undergraduate and postgraduate examinations including historical aspects, present trends and future promises in the answers. this is the third book in the examination review series in prosthodontics being brought out as study aids for the dental students appearing for the bds university examinations.

gold textbook of complete denture prosthodontics

textbook of complete denture prosthodonticsby

  • sarandha d.l. , mds, reader, department of prosthodontics, hasanamba dental college and hospital, hassan (karnataka)
  • zakir hussain mds, department of prosthodontics, sibar institute of dental sciences, guntur (andhra pradesh)
  • uthkarsh mds (oral and maxillofacial surgery), reader, department of oral and maxillofacial surgery, hasanamba dental college, hassan (karnataka)

a trendsetter in prosthodontics for reasons of clarity of basic sciences, which constitute biological foundation. topic wise arrangement of the text and inclusion of treatment approach to miscellaneous atypical conditions has been done thoughtfully. provides the basic knowledge of complete denture prosthodontics to the learners of the art and science of prosthodontics incorporating the scientific basis of complete denture treatment with emphasis on laboratory procedures, which is very essential for the success of the treatment. a number of photographs and illustrations have been included so that not much is left to the fate of imagination.

gold review of removable partial dentures

review of removable partial denturesby

  • lovely m, mds(prosth) dip nb (prosth), associate professor and hod in-charge, sree mookambika institute of dental sciences, kulasekharam, tamil nadu

review of removable partial dentures is the examination review series in prosthodontics being brought out as study aids for the undergraduate dental student appearing for the bds university examinations. this book helps the student to get an idea of how the questions are framed and how to answer in a structured manner. the questions in this book are from actual university examination question papers sourced from all over the country. the answers are formulated after much painstaking reference with all the standard textbooks in removable partial dentures. this book was the need that a student, for such a revision tool.

gold essentials of prosthodontics

essentials of prosthodonticsby

  • sh soratur, bds (bombay), ficd (usa), reader (retd), rajiv gandhi college of dental sciences, bangalore, formerly, house surgeon at, university college hospital, london and, glasgow royal infirmary, scotland, dental practitioner in london, author of : (1) essentials of dental materials, (2) viva in dental materials, (3) viva in prosthodontics

prosthodontics is one of the major branches of dentistry which deals with making of complete and partial dentures to replace the lost all or few natural teeth. it also deals with obturators and maxillofacial prosthesis to correct the deformities following major surgery on oral cavity and face. all of this is science as well as art that mean one’s skill also plays an important role for the success of the task undertaken. the popular saying “a thing of beauty is joy forever” is very much true in this branch of dentistry because good looking and functionally satisfactory dentures give lot of satisfaction to both the dentist as well as to the wearer. so “good dentures are a thing of beauty and joy forever”. however, to produce such good looking, functionally satisfactory dentures are a tricky job. that means fundaments must be understood first. this is where the true value of this book is—the book is in five parts: (i) introduction—4 chapters, (ii) laboratory procedures for complete dentures—7 chapters, (iii) clinical procedures for complete dentures—5 chapters, (iv) partial dentures—4 chapters, (v) crowns, bridges and miscellaneous—5 chapters. simple step by step procedures in all the parts are explained in simple language with plenty of drawings, and photographs, will remove all confusions about the tricky work of making dentures. the style of discussing the subject is simply wonderful because it goes to the root of the matter and by giving examples of everyday life, the mind-bogging aspect of the topics are easily understood and made interesting. essentials of prosthodontics is a product of author’s forty years of private dental practice in india and abroad including twenty-four years of teaching experience in different dental colleges in karnataka (india). the book also fulfills the requirements of university syllabus for the purpose of bds examination as well. thus the students and practitioners of dentistry will be immensely benefited by reading this book.

dentures types benefits and potential complications

dentures types benefits and potential complicationsby

  • shantipriya reddy, bds mds (periodontia), professor and head, department of periodontics, dr syamala reddy dental college and hospital, bengaluru, karnataka, india

serires: dental science, materials and technology

this work is an edited collection of miscellaneous chapters from the huge field of prosthetic dentistry, about dentures, and their types, benefits and potential complications. besides most frequently discussed related topics of the field, this edited collection also includes some chapters dedicated to rarely reviewed research areas like preprosthetic orthodontics, brain correlates of wearing denture, psychosomatic aspects of prosthetic dentistry, denture related microbiology and the use of mind-body therapies, physicotherapies as well as complementary and alternative approaches for prosthetic dentistry, which may supply a great want. this book gathers and presents data on the leading edge of prosthetic dentistry. (imprint: nova biomedical)

free esthetic rehabilitation in fixed prosthodontics volume 1 esthetic analysis a systematic approach to prosthetic treatment

esthetic rehabilitation in fixed prosthodontics 1by

  • mauro fradeani, md, dds, private practice, pesaro and milan, italy, visiting associate professor, school of dentistry, louisiana state university, new orleans, louisiana ,

advances in technology and biomaterials have dramatically expanded the possibilities for esthetic optimization in restorative dentistry. too often, however, such treatment focuses exclusively on the dental area and fails to consider the overall facial composition. this easy-to-read text provides the clinician with a systematic approach to facial evaluation during esthetic treatment planning. separate chapters guide the reader to an understanding of the esthetic parameters involved in facial, dentolabial, phonetic, dental, and gingival analysis. each chapter presents prosthetic considerations and applications that allow the clinician to formulate an optimal treatment plan based on the individual clinical situation of the patient. also provided is an esthetic checklist that allows the clinician to apply the principles described in the text to everyday practice. amply illustrated, this text is an invaluable tool for all clinicians practicing esthetic and restorative dentistry.

esthetics of anterior fixed prosthodontics

esthetics of anterior fixed prosthodonticsby

  • gerard j. chiche, dds
  • alain pinault, mdt

with superior color illustrations, this clinician-technician team offers principles and methods on how to achieve the best possible results. learn how the restorative dentist works not only with the dental technician, but with the periodontist and the orthodontist. as clear as it is comprehensive, this book will be invaluable to the general dentist, the specialist, and the laboratory technician.

complete dentures a clinical manual for the general dental practitioner


  • hugh devlin, bds, bsc, msc, phd, senior lecturer in restorative dentistry, university dental hospital of manchester, uk.

book description

this is a user-friendly guide to the principles of complete denture construction. it is a practical, extensively illustrated book for the general dental practitioner, starting with the examination of the edentulous patient and progressing through the different treatments in a logical way. a range of procedures has been described in sufficient detail so that the dentist can apply the best treatment measure to the specific clinical problem. a final chapter on domiciliary treatment has been included because elderly, housebound patients often present problems such as denture retention (because of the patients’residual ridge atrophy or insufficient muscular control). reference to original research work has been included so that the reader can explore the research evidence for himself.

product details

  • hardcover: 109 pages
  • publisher: springer; 1 edition (november 9, 2001)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 3540421831
  • isbn-13: 978-3540421832
  • product dimensions: 6.1 x 0.5 x 9.2 inches
  • shipping weight: 15.2 ounces

application of the finite element method in implant dentistry


  • jianping geng
  • weiqi yan
  • weixu

book description

series: advanced topics in science and technology in china
this book creates the theoretical foundation that novices need to perform the finite element method in implant dentistry. it shows how both the implant dentist and the designer can benefit from finite element analysis. the authors explain the theory and math of the finite element method. then, you get practical applications alongside discussions of the critical issues in using finite element analysis for dental implant design.

product details

  • hardcover: 145 pages
  • publisher: springer; 1 edition (september 17, 2008)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 3540737634
  • isbn-13: 978-3540737636
  • product dimensions: 9.4 x 6.1 x 0.6 inches
  • shipping weight: 13.4 ounces

clinical problem solving in prosthodontics


david bartlett, senior lecturer, division of conservative dentisry, polyclinics and general dental practice, guy’s, king’s and st. thomas’ dental institute, london, uk.

book description

this practical resource addresses a range of clinical problems in prosthetic dentistry and provides a step-by-step guide to differential diagnosis and treatment planning. emphasizing clinical-problem solving, it helps readers combine different dental procedures into a rational plan of treatment for patients who may have a number of different dental problems that require attention.

  • focuses on clinical problem-solving in prosthodontics.
  • offers practical help with treatment planning, guiding the reader through the process of decision-making.
  • covers some of the most important areas of clinical practice for the average dentist – including crowns, bridges, veneers, and implant-supported restorations.
  • provides colorful illustrations throughout to reinforce content.

editorial reviews

about the author

professor david bartlett is head of prosthodontics at kings college london dental institute. his research interest in tooth wear, particularly dental erosion, began with his phd completed in 1995 which investigated the relationship between reflux disease and dental erosion. david has published over 70 research articles on dental erosion and other restorative subjects in national and international dental and medical journals. he has supervised four phd’s, 20 msc’s and been successfully awarded nearly half a million pounds in grant income. david has written three books and a number of chapters on prosthodontics.

customer reviews

clinical solving in prosthodontics february 27, 2004

on first impression, this book seems a little lightweight. however having read the book, i discovered there was very good reason for this. some books tend to over complicate and spend too much time on the simple issues, that should be considered basic knowledge. this book is simple and straight to the point. there is very little unnecessary material, whilst the rest is concise and easy to understand.
it covers a wide range of subjects from bleaching (of vital and non vital teeth), to partial denture design to crowns and bridges. one of the highlights of the book is the chapter on failed crown and bridges, a subject not covered as well in other dental books. individual chapters on replacing canines, and upper incisors were also useful.
the text is well accompanied by a variety of illustrations, all relevant to what is being discussed. at the end of each chapter is a short and useful summary of the learning objectives.
overall i found the book to be an outstanding source of information, which was simple to understand and easy to find what you were looking for. i would strongly recommend this book for students as it is an excellent companion to your studies.anand mistry

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  • paperback: 104 pages
  • publisher: churchill livingstone; 1 edition (october 20, 2003)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 0443072825
  • isbn-13: 978-0443072826
  • product dimensions: 11.6 x 8.2 x 0.4 inches
  • shipping weight: 14.1 ounces

contemporary fixed prosthodontics 3rd edition


  • stephen f. rosenstiel, bds, msd, professor and chair, section of restorative dentistry, prosthodontics and endodontics, the ohio state university college of dentistry, columbus, oh;
  • martin f. land, dds, msd, professor and chair, department of restorative dentistry, southern illinois university, school of dental medicine, alton, il; and
  • junhei fujimoto, dds, msd, ddsc, part-time lecturer, tokyo medical and dental university, director of j. f. occlusion and prosthodontic, postgraduate course, private practice, tokyo, japan

book description

contemporary fixed prosthodontics, 3rd edition is a comprehensive, user-friendly text that offers dental students and practitioners an excellent opportunity to understand the basic principles of fixed prosthodontics. this text provides a strong foundation in basic science, followed by practical step-by-step clinical applications. procedures are presented in an organized, systematic format, and are illustrated by 2800 clear, high-quality drawings and photographs. the material is logically divided into sections that cover planning and preparation, clinical procedures, and laboratory procedures. the text also includes two invaluable appendices that provide an updated list of dental materials and equipment, as well as a guide to manufacturers.

customer reviews

a superb book, october 26, 2003

this book is a wonderful addition to any dentist or dental student. it covers all aspects of crown and bridge work including other aspects of dentistry such as periodontal considerations in wonderful but yet simple detail. wonderful illustrations, convenient summaries at the end of every chapter, and very very useful.
a must buy.

saving for a person missing teeth, march 29, 2000

as soon as i read this book, i could find the power of this book. as a man who will be a dentist in future, if not reading this book, we will not treat a patient. this book contain a various views including biology, mechanics, technics, esthenics and medicine. if you can this book, you will save many patient so comfortablly. good luck for your future!

another one great book, april 5, 2007

i am a dentist from bulgaria. in my opinion this book it’s really important for everyone who want to be consider as a real dentist!

product details

  • hardcover: 868 pages
  • publisher: mosby; 3 edition (january 15, 2001)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 081515559x
  • isbn-13: 978-0815155591
  • product dimensions: 11.2 x 8.9 x 1.5 inches
  • shipping weight: 5.8 pounds

stewarts clinical removable partial prosthodontics


  • rodney d. phoenix, dds, ms
  • david r. cagna, dmd, ms
  • charles f. defreest, dds


book description

this work provides an overview of removable partial denture service in contemporary dental practice, with an emphasis on clinical and design aspects. clinical topics range from examination and treatment planning to mouth preparation and prosthesis placement. common design philosophies are discusses,and a step-by-step method for partial denture design is presented. also included are alternative removable partial denture therapies such as swing lock, dual path and attachment-type prostheses.

customer reviews

excellent prosth text september 23, 2003
great illustrations with clear labels, point-form summaries. amazing review for exams/ boards. very comprehensive and very readable. some designs look a little esoteric but still very useful. wish i had it when i was in dental school.
practical textbook. may 20, 2012
this book has a very practical approach to rpd construction. the many illustrations make the subject extremely comprehensible. it makes a good reference in dentist’s professional library and very helpful to new graduates.

product details

  • hardcover: 525 pages
  • publisher: quintessence pub co; 3 edition (january 2003)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 0867154179
  • isbn-13: 978-0867154177
  • product dimensions: 11.3 x 8.7 x 1.4 inches
  • shipping weight: 4.4 pounds

prosthetic rehabilitation technical procedures


giulio preti, md, dds, phd, professor emeritus, section of oral and maxillofacial rehabilitation, school of dentistry, university of turin, italy

book description

this second volume in the international “prosthetic rehabilitation” series articulates a thorough, patient-centered approach to prosthodontic restoration that addresses the important psychosocial aspects of oral rehabilitation in addition to sound prosthodontic design and fabrication. placing a strong emphasis on the scientific rigor of clinical decision making, the authors present the principles central to constructing optimal prostheses for patients in various stages of edentulism, including partially edentulous and single-tooth gap situations. every technical phase of rehabilitation is detailed, from the initial clinical examination to fabrication of the definitive restoration and the long-term follow-up. direction is given on tailoring restorative treatments to individual patients, and chapters cover many undervalued aspects of prosthetic care, including management of unfavorable anatomical conditions and common oral syndromes; establishment of optimum interaction between prosthetic retention, stability, and support; and, successful provisionalization. this title provides expert guidance on increasing denture stability, conditioning the soft tissues, and selecting the right denture adhesive rounds out this highly practical and well-illustrated book.

product details

  • hardcover: 286 pages
  • publisher: quintessence pub co; 1 edition (november 18, 2011)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 1850971986
  • isbn-13: 978-1850971986
  • product dimensions: 11 x 8.2 x 0.8 inches
  • shipping weight: 3.2 pounds

fundamentals of fixed prosthodontics 3rd edition


herbert t. shillingburg, jr, dds, david ross boyd professor and chair department of fixed prosthodontics, lowell d. whitsett, dds, professor emeritus, do occlusion, richard jacobi, dds, professor, do fixed prosthodontics, susan e. brackett, dds, ms, associate professor, do fixed prosthodontics, uo oklahoma college of dentistry;
sumiya hobo, dds, msd, phd, director. international dental academy tokyo, japan;

book description

the third edition of this undergraduate text has been extensively updated and expanded to reflect recent research, materials, and techniques in fixed prosthodontics. it brings the reader up to date, but its adherance in fundamentals remains. concepts and clinical procedures are described and illustrated, and presentation of the material is enhanced by the larger page size of this edition. it includes new chapters on: all-ceramic restorations; resin-bonded fixed partial dentures; and restoration of periodontally weakened teeth.

customer reviews

student`s review january 27, 2000

excellent book featuring:

* “picturesque” explaining (almost like a comic book), no clinical photography present though

* step by step instructions how to do it, with every material, bur or other used instrument explained in detail. detail is what is great about this book – you can reconstruct every phase of the procedure to the last detail.

* fluidly written and easily understandable emphasizing the practice with all theoretical knowledge needed provided

overall it is a great book for students which want to get a general knowledge about practice and theory of fixed prosthodontics in dentistry. great beginners and advanced user book. (my mother who is a specialist of prosthodontic find it useful after years and years of practice). only complaint – there were not any real clinical cases and clinical photography.

fundamentals of fixed prosthodontics may 21, 2009

i have the second edition and i love it so much although there is no attractive photos inside but it is very practical for me in clinical study. this time i buy the third edition. it is also kept me irresistible of reading it.

a must have to every general practitioner january 28, 2008

this is not only a recommended text, but also virtually a “must have” for every gp! it works perfectly for both, theory and practice. it works greatly for a student as well.

product details

  • hardcover: 582 pages
  • publisher: quintessence publishing (il); 3 sub edition (january 15, 1997)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 086715201x
  • isbn-13: 978-0867152012
  • product dimensions: 11.2 x 8.9 x 1.3 inches
  • shipping weight: 4 pounds

biomimetic restorative dentistry


pascal magne, dmd, msc, phd, associate professor, primary oral health care division, don and sybil harrington foundation chair of esthetic dentistry, university of southern california school of dentistry

learning objectives:

understand the definition and scientific foundations of the biomimetic principle in restorative dentistry and prosthodontics.
determine the spectrum of indication for indirect bonded restorations.
learn optimization of


the goals of contemporary restorative dentistry and prosthodontics should be (1) the maintenance of the vitality of the teeth to be restored and (2) the maximum preservation of sound tooth structure. the core idea of the biomimetic principle in restorative dentistry and prosthodontics is that the intact tooth in its ideal hues and shades, and perhaps more importantly in its intracoronal anatomy, mechanics and location in the arch, is the guide to reconstruction and determinant of success. the approach is basically conservative and biologically sound. the application of the biomimetic principle involves returning all of the prepared dental tissues to full functional by the creation of a hard tissue bond that allows functional stresses to pass through the tooth, drawing the entire crown into the final functional biologic and esthetic result. unlike traditional alloy restorations and cemented crowns, novel-design indirect composite resin/porcelain adhesive restorations are stress distributors and involve the crown of the tooth as a whole in supporting occlusal force and masticatory function. indirect bonded restorations, also provide the practitioner with a noninvasive and social restorative tool owing to the minimum maintenance costs. one can anticipate considerable improvements such as in the treatment of crown-fractured and worn-down teeth, which should reduce the need for preprosthetic interventions (e.g. root canal therapy and crown-lengthening) and the use of intraradicular posts.

product details

  • publisher: gide
  • total length: 01:31.45
  • language: english
  • frame rate: 29 frames/ second
  • dimension: 640 x 360
  • total bitrate: 893 kbps
  • file size: 588 mb

prosthetic treatment of the edentulous patient


r.m. basker, obe, dds birm, bds lond, fdsrcs edin, mgdsrcs eng, ldsrcs eng, emeritus professor, university of leeds, uk;
j.c. davenport, phd birm, bds brist, fdsrcs eng, emeritus professor, university of birmingham, uk.

book description

in spite of improvements in oral health, there will always be a significant number of people who lose all their teeth. furthermore, as people are living longer, complete denture work has become more challenging and managing the transition from a pre-edentulous to an edentulous condition has become more critical.the fourth edition of this established textbook for dental undergraduates and postgraduates has been completely updated to reflect these changes. more emphasis has been placed on care of the elderly and how to achieve better communication between clinicians and dental technicians. more details of clinical techniques have been included, with a new section on the self assessment of clinical work. the text has been completely revised to take into account the results of research over the last ten years.

editorial reviews


“an excellent textbook, packed full of useful information for undergraduate students, experienced practitioners and even orthodontists.”
journal of orthodontics
“this textbook is highly recommended to undergraduate students as it is well written, clearly laid out and helpfully illustrated.
the objective of the authors, in providing the clinician with a sound theoretical foundation on which successful clinical skills can be built, has certainly been achieved.
the text should also be of interest to practitioners and those preparing for postgraduate exams.”
dental update“in summation, the authors have achieved their aims and i would recommend this textbook for undergraduates.”
british dental journal

“…the last chapter of forty pages is very useful. it is completely devoted to complaints like pain, loose dentures, recurring fractures, flabby ridges, sore mouth and speech impediment.”
translation of a review from the dutch journal of dentistry

from the back cover

in spite if improvements in oral health, there will always be a significant number of people who lose all their teeth. as people live longer and total tooth loss occurs later, successful provision of complete dentures is increasingly challenging, and managing the transition from the natural to the artificial dentition has become more critical. the fourth edition of this well established and highly regarded textbook has been completely updated to reflect these changes. primarily aimed at undergraduate dental students, prosthetic treatment of the edentulous patient will also be of value to all those, including dental technicians, who are faced with solving the problems of complete denture treatment in dental practice.
key features

  • adops a flexible approach to accommodate the variation found in edentulous patients.
  • stresses the critical importance of good communication between clinician and dental technician.
  • emphasises care of the elderly and the value of holistic treatment.
  • includes many photographs and clear line drawings.
  • sections on clinical audit at the end of each clinical chapter.
  • updated and restructured text and references.
  • emphasises evidence-based treatment.

the fourth edition includes a new foreword written by professor per-olof glantz, vice-chancellor, malm university sweden.

customer reviews

pretty decent, march 17, 2007

decent quality book. very understandable, and definitely worth buying.
initially bought this thru amazon itself (thinking that since they’ve got that massive system all together, it would be zero fuss… but apparently they didnt have it in stock yet, so they had to order it in), but they were disgustingly slow so i cancelled that order and got it through one of the “used and new” sellers… and it arrived by the time amazon would have barely even managed to get the order packaged.

product details

  • paperback: 328 pages
  • publisher: wiley-blackwell; 4 edition (june 24, 2002)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 0632059982
  • isbn-13: 978-0632059980
  • product dimensions: 9.5 x 6.6 x 0.7 inches
  • shipping weight: 1.5 pounds

treatment planning for traumatized teeth


mitsuhir tsukiboshi, dds, amagun, aichi, japan

book description

increased knowledge of treatment outcomes, combined with better techniques and materials, has led to improved management and more predictable results for victims of dental trauma. to save teeth and restore function and esthetics, the clinical approach to dental trauma requires accurate diagnosis of the severity and extent of injury, treatment of the acute aspect of the injury, and long-term follow-up and treatment of injury sequelae. each chapter in this book is arranged by: description, examination and diagnosis: key points; treatment plan; and treatment procedures. described is the biologic basis of healing and the benefits of allowing healing to be used in the management of traumatic dental injuries. also described are the roles orthodontic and restorative modalities play in the management of dental trauma. more than 50 cases and 480 images – intraoral, radiographic, and schematic – elucidate the most effective approaches to all forms of dental trauma.

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excellent resource/tooth trauma, august 9, 2000

this text is an excellent resource for any dentist to have in their office — should be required for all dental students!! each page is full of detailed color diagrams and color photos. topics covered include crown fracture, crown-root fracture, root fracture, concussion and subluxation, extrusive and lateral luxation, intrusive luxation, avulsioin, supporting structures, and trauma to primary dentition. each case has supporting description, exam and diagnosis, and treatment plan/procedures outlined. quintessence books has been a primary resource for my dental library. this text is a valuable addition.

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  • hardcover: 124 pages
  • publisher: quintessence pub co; 1 edition (february 15, 2000)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 0867153741
  • isbn-13: 978-0867153743
  • product dimensions: 11.4 x 8.6 x 0.6 inches
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textbook of complete dentures


arthur o. rahn former professor emeritus, john r. ivanhoe former professor emeritus, kevin d. plummer associate professor, do oral rehabilitation, school of dentistry, medical college of georgia, augusta ga

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textbook of complete dentures, sixth edition has been totally reformatted into a user-friendly education resource as well as an effective clinic manual. the book is technique-oriented and relates the basic sciences of anatomy, physiology, pathology and dental materials with the art and mechanics involved in complete denture fabrication. this clinically oriented and well-illustrated book will provide the essential information to successfully treat complete denture patients in any dental practice environment. all dental students and practitioners interested in removable prosthodontics will benefit greatly from owning this comprehensive textbook. the textbook is organized in short easy-to-read chapters with generous illustrations of techniques utilizing the same patient throughout the book. in addition to the chapter information, the book also has a supplemental clinical treatment atlas related to each chapter which makes it an invaluable clinical resource. new to this edition
1: new color photographs of all clinical procedures (over 609 figures)
2: introduction to implant retained/supported overdentures
3: in-depth discussion of all denture occlusion concepts
4: new on-line digital image collection for instructors

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kevin d. plummer, dds
associate professor in the medical college of georgia department of oral rehabilitation, school of dentistry. received his dds from emory university (1979), post graduate training in prosthodontics from the u.s. army prosthodontic program (1986) and is certified by the american board of prosthodontics (1987). chair of the mcg sod infection control and hazards committee and member of the mcg institutional chemical safety committee. prior to joining the mcg sod faculty, he served 21 years in the u.s. army dental corps where he was consultant to the u.s. army surgeon general in the areas of infection control and osha compliance and dental laboratory operations. currently the section chief of removable prosthodontics and the course director for preclinical removable partial dentures, preclinical complete dentures and the clinical course director for treatment planning board and prosthodontics clinic.

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textbook of complete dentures, 6th edition, january 11, 2012

this book overall will give you good information as far as making denture for patient, a good reference book. however, the author does not cover lab communication. i would give it a 4 stars if there are some pearls on how to communicate with the lab i.e. tell your lab guy how to process once you have it all done in the clinic.

good for dental students and gps., july 19, 2010

this is book is exactly what it claims to be. i am not disappointed at all.

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  • hardcover: 448 pages
  • publisher: pmph usa; 6th updated edition (september 30, 2009)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 1607950251
  • isbn-13: 978-1607950257
  • product dimensions: 10.2 x 7.2 x 0.8 inches
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mccrackens removable partial prosthodontics


alan b. carr, dmd, ms, professor, do dental specialties, mayo clinic, rochester, mn;
glen p. mcgivney, dds, facd, adjunct professor, do prosthodontics, school of dentistry, university of north carolina;
david t. brown, dds, ms, vice chairman, do restorative dentistry, school of dentistry, indiana university

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this resource has been the standard text for basic principles and concepts of removable partial denture treatment planning and design for over 40 years. it thoroughly explains the clinical and laboratory aspects of providing removable partial dentures to manage the condition of missing teeth. content extends from initial contact with the patient to post-treatment care. inside this book, readers will find all the evidence-based information needed to diagnose, design, develop, and sequence a treatment plan.

  • the newest techniques, procedures, and equipment used in today’s partial denture construction are introduced and evaluated.
  • a six-page section in the chapter on major and minor connectors (chapter 5) reviews various major connectors side-by-side for quick comparison to help in the decision-making process.
  • evidence-based approach helps readers diagnose, design, develop, and sequence a treatment plan.
  • various philosophies and techniques are presented throughout, to allow readers to select and incorporate applicable techniques on a case-by-case basis.
  • chapters are presented in three logically-sequenced sections: general concepts and treatment planning; clinical and laboratory procedures; and maintenance.
  • self-assessment aids pose questions at the end of each chapter to stimulate classroom discussion and ensure comprehension of material.
  • terminology is consistent with the most recent edition of the glossary of prosthodontic terms, keeping readers updated on the language currently used in dental schools and dental practices.
  • completely revised and digitized art program displays high-quality color images to help readers visualize techniques and materials used in prosthetic dentistry.
  • up-to-date literature is divided by topic and listed in the selected reading resources at the end of the book, to provide supplemental articles and texts for additional research.
  • all content beyond the basic level is set apart with a colored design, separating foundational material from the more advanced topics.
  • an entirely new chapter on partially edentulous epidemiology, physiology, and terminology (chapter 1) offers expanded coverage of terminology and basic information on changing treatment needs for partially edentulous patients based on retention of teeth in aging patients.
  • a new maxillofacial chapter reviews the principles of removable partial denture service for this unique patient group.
  • detailed discussions of prostheses that are supported by dental implants keeps pace with the latest options for replacing teeth.
  • a full-color design includes clinical photos and illustrations that bring the subject to life.
  • new, high-quality line drawings are enhanced with color and detail.

editorial reviews

book description

all the evidence-based information needed to diagnose, design, develop, and sequence a treatment plan

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full color but not advanced, may 12, 2007

has enough detail for most general dentists when you need a reference, and more than enough for the dental student. there is also some discussion of advanced technique in the text that is shown with a colored background, however there does not seem to be much discussion on advanced cases (4 stars). chapters discuss all aspects of most partial denture cases including some maxillofacial prosthetics. i like to learn a lot by looking at pictures. one huge plus this book has is more than 90% full color (5 stars) pictures (more than 900). however i wish the pictures showed how to do procedures in a step by step format. the pictures for the most part just show what things are supposed to look like in the end of a procedure (3 stars). avg stars: 4

a fundamental addition to any comprehensive medical library., february 17, 2011

this is quite honestly more than just a book, it is in certain respects an encyclopedic reference tool for any dental health care practitioner. the photographs and illustrations are exceptional, and the descriptive information is brilliant. anyone interested in the field of dental prosthetics will find this to be a most interesting source of information, and for those involved professionally within the field of prosthodontics, this is no doubt an invaluable professional resource.

good supplement, march 9, 2012

the book is a good supplement to my rpd class and is very easy to understand and explains things quite well.

indispensable, december 8, 2011

indispensable book for the general dentist, prosthodontist …
very good book, written by renowned authors, as usual a great treatise elsevier.

contemporary fixed prosthodontics 4 edition, elsevier mosby, 2006
contemporary implant dentistry 3 edition, elsevier mosby, 2007
contemporary oral and maxillofacial surgery 5 edition, elsevier mosby, 2008
oral and maxillofacial pathology 3 edition, elsevier saunders, 2008
dentistry for the child and adolescent 9 edition, elsevier mosby, 2010
pathways of the pulp 10 edition, elsevier mosby, 2010
removable partial prosthodontics 12 edition, elsevier mosby, 2010
clinical periodontology 11 edition, elsevier saunders, 2011
prosthodontic treatment for edentulous patients 13 edition, elsevier mosby, 2012
contemporary orthodontics 5 edition, elsevier mosby, 2012
art and science of operative dentistry 6 edition, elsevier mosby, 2012
management of temporomandibular disorders and occlusion 7 edition, elsevier mosby, 2012

product details

  • hardcover: 480 pages
  • publisher: mosby; 11 edition (july 23, 2004)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 0323026281
  • isbn-13: 978-0323026284
  • product dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x 1.1 inches
  • shipping weight: 3.6 pounds