practical procedures in aesthetic dentistry

subir banerji


practical procedures in aesthetic dentistry presents a comprehensive collection of videos demonstrating clinical techniques in aesthetic and restorative dentistry, and is accompanied by a handbook summarising the key points of each procedure. * interactive website hosting over nine hours of video * accompanying illustrated handbook summarising key points * expert teaching across a comprehensive range of aesthetic and restorative procedures * international team of contributors with clinical and academic expertiseshow more

tooth whitening 2016 an evidence based perspective

jorge perdig o

this book reviews the evidence relating to the mechanisms, clinical efficacy, safety/toxicity, and clinical application of tooth whitening techniques and materials. all clinical techniques are profusely illustrated step by step. the book is divided into four parts, the first of which explains how tooth whitening with peroxides works and examines the overall safety of peroxides and potential complications. the findings of clinical trials with peroxide-based materials for clinical practice are then examined, with discussion of a wide range of issues in at-home whitening and in-office whitening. the third part focuses on the techniques of enamel microabrasion and resin infiltration, which entail removal of a microscopic layer of enamel and may be used to improve tooth color either alone or in combination with peroxides. the concluding part includes a variety of informative clinical cases using combined bleaching and restorative techniques for discolored teeth. tooth whitening – an evidence-based perspective will be of interest for dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and others with an interest in the subject

smile design integrating esthetics and function essentials in esthetic dentistry

jonathan b. levine

jonathan b. levine dmd presents a new volume designed to introduce practitioners to aesthetic dentistry with the goal of safely expanding his or her current scope of ethical dental practice. richly illustrated in full colour throughout, this beautiful yet practical volume introduces the subject of smile design to the reader with topics ranging from aligners and veneers to space management. “smile design integrating aesthetics and function” will be suitable for dental practitioners worldwide.

modern concepts in aesthetic dentistry and multi disciplined reconstructive grand rounds an issue of dental clinics of north america

john calamia, dds
this issue is the third issue dr. john calamia and colleagues have edited on cosmetic dentistry. this issue, titled “modern concepts in aesthetic dentistry & multi-disciplined reconstructive grand rounds,” features 20 articles on smile design, proportional smile design, use of kois analyzer in the restoration of anterior dentition, cements and adhesives for all-ceramic restorations, replacement of old pfm crowns with all ceramic restorations, cosmetic makeover insuring patient input, orthodontic intervention: diastema closure, fluorosis, chemical abrasion, and porcelain veneers, aesthetic smile enhancement, treatment of intrinsic stains, moderate mandibular anterior crowding, functional and aesthetic rehabilitation, restoration of the anterior segment, full mouth reconstruction of worn dentition, interdisciplinary aesthetic treatment, gummy smile reduction, diastema closure, and much more!

minimally invasive esthetics essentials in esthetic dentistry series

by avijit banerjee

professor avijit banerjee presents a new volume designed to introduce practitioners to the world of minimally invasive (mi) esthetic dentistry with the goal of safely expanding his or her current scope of ethical dental practice. richly illustrated in full colour throughout, this beautiful yet practical volume introduces the subject of mi operative dentistry to the reader with topics ranging from dental bleaching and the use of adhesive resin composite restorations to the use of mi techniques for replacing missing teeth. minimally invasive esthetics will be suitable for all dental practitioners – whether qualified or in training.

• experts of international renown present the latest scientifically authoritative and evidenced-based information, amply supported by a high-quality line artwork and photographic illustration
• describes in detail dental bleaching, the use of adhesive resin composite restorations and the use of mi tooth preserving techniques for replacing missing teeth
• highlights the way in which high quality esthetics can be achieved with minimal biological cost and acceptable biological longevity, without long-term detriment to the patient
• emphasizes the importance of effective communication between the dentist, the oral healthcare team and the patient to ensure the patient’s and team’s expectations are appreciated, managed and met
• designed to challenge traditional thinking and clinical approach to a growing discipline
• offers a highly visual, practical approach in a unique series format
• aims to strengthen, enhance and expand the scope of ethical professional practice

essentials in esthetic dentistry – a beautiful new book series from elsevier – is under the editorial leadership of professor brian j. millar, bds, fdsrcs, phd, fhea, consultant in restorative dentistry, professor of blended learning in dentistry, king’s college london dental institute at guy’s hospital, king’s health partners, london, uk. each volume in the series is edited by the highest-profile practitioners and specialists from the usa and europe and has guest contributors from throughout the world. the series aims to provide both a basic and advanced body of knowledge of the procedures used in esthetic dentistry that are considered by many to be paramount to successful modern-day clinical practice.

esthetic dentistry a clinical approach to techniques and materials 2

by kenneth w. aschheim

help your patients look better and improve their self-esteem with this complete, user-friendly guide to all of the latest esthetic dentistry procedures that are in high demand. thoroughly updated by the most renowned leaders in the field, the new third edition of esthetic dentistry: a clinical approach to techniques and materials offers clearly highlighted techniques in step-by-step fashion, with unmistakable delineation of armamentarium, for the treatment of esthetic problems. hundreds of clinical tips are included throughout the book to help alert you to potential problems, variations on techniques, and other treatment considerations. plus, an invaluable troubleshooting guide covers the different types of esthetic problems (such as size, discoloration, and spacing issues), potential solutions, and references to chapters where the specific problem is discussed in detail. with this expert reference in hand, you will have all you need to master the latest esthetic procedures that your patients want!

troubleshooting guide
at the beginning of the book features tabled information containing a quick snapshot of the problem, the solution, and where in the text it can be found.
hundreds of clinical tips throughout the book alert you to potential problems, variations on techniques, and other treatment considerations.
short narratives utilize a user-friendly format that works as a dependable reference, as well as a quick, at-a-glance guide.
part 2: principles of esthetics provides a detailed discussion of the fundamentals of esthetics and its relevancy to dentistry.
part 3: esthetic materials and techniques assists you in selecting the correct materials for a specific clinical situation.
part 4: esthetics and other clinical applications offers an overview of how esthetics relates to other clinical specialties including, periodontics, orthodontics, implants, oral surgery, pediatrics, occlusion, laser surgery, oral photography, cad/cam technology, dermatological pharmaceuticals, and plastic surgery.

new! extensively revised content
incorporates extensive updates within 95% of the chapters.

new! chapter
on cad/cam technology addresses the advantages and disadvantages of cad/cam technology, and gives brief overviews of the most popular systems on the market.
new! chapter on occlusion looks at the fundamental concepts of occlusion, including: temporomandibular joints and surrounding structures; uniform tooth contacts; coupled anterior teeth; phonetics; occlusal vertical dimension; and more.
new! chapter on dermatological pharmaceuticals inspects the underlying processes that cause facial aging, as well as botulinum toxin, facial fillers, and combination treatment.
new! completely revised chapter on dental marketing addresses both external and internal marketing, the classic 4ps concept, electronic marketing, how to build a marketing program, and more.
new! chapter on eating disorders reviews anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating or eating disorders not otherwise specified, along with the oral manifestations of eating disorders and considerations when approaching a patient presenting with suspected symptoms of an eating disorder.
new! chapter on domestic violence addresses what domestic violence is, the dental assessment, the legal issues surrounding domestic violence and the dentist, and how to best talk to the patient who might be a victim.

completely updated art program
features over 1,300 full color illustrations and photographs with esthetically and clinically accurate renderings to give you a clear picture of the intended outcome in key areas such as bleaching, tooth coloring, implants, and more.

spanish version also available, isbn: 84-8174-567-7

the book contains predominantly color illustrations, with some black-and-white illustrations.


principles and practice of esthetic dentistry essentials of esthetic dentistry

by nairn wilson (editor)

nairn wilson cbe – one of the world’s leading dental educationalists – presents a unique volume designed to introduce practitioners to the world of esthetic dentistry with the goal of safely expanding his or her current scope of practice. richly illustrated and in full colour throughout, this beautiful yet practical volume introduces the subject of esthetic dentistry to the reader with topics ranging from patient psychology and dental ethics to the maintenance of dental attractiveness. principles and practice of esthetic dentistry will be suitable for all dental practitioners – whether qualified or in training.

  • provides an important foundation on which to practice effective, minimal intervention esthetic dentistry
  • edited by a dental educationalist of international renown
  • clearly written chapters – some containing real-life clinical examples – carefully illustrated by high-quality photography and rich artwork program
  • shows how effective communication skills, patient empathy, and the ability to build a good rapport between the patient and the various members of the dental team are essential to good practice
  • explains how to carry out comprehensive examination and assessment of patients seeking esthetic dental care
  • explores the ethical considerations surrounding treatment intervention
  • explores the safe and effective use of modern dental materials and techniques
  • offers a highly visual, practical ‘cookbook’ approach in a unique series format
  • aims to strengthen, enhance and expand the scope of professional practice

essentials in esthetic dentistry – a beautiful new book series from elsevier – is under the editorial leadership of professor brian millar, bds, fdsrcs, phd, fhea, consultant in restorative dentistry, professor of blended learning in dentistry, king’s college london dental institute, london, uk. each volume in the series is authored by the highest-profile practitioners and specialists from the usa and europe and has guest contributors from throughout the world. the series aims to provide both a basic and advanced body of knowledge of the procedures used in esthetic dentistry that are considered by many to be paramount to successful modern-day clinical practice.

tooth whitening in esthetic dentistry principles and techniques

tooth whitening in esthetic dentistryby so-ran kwon, seok-hoon ko, linda hall greenwall

this two-volume guide describes the full range of professional teeth whitening procedures, including home whitening, walking bleach, power whitening, non-vital tooth bleaching, microabrasion, and gingival bleaching. in addition, the authors address the topics of sensitivity, the maintenance required to keep teeth as light as possible, and over-the-counter bleaching products. the section on clinical diagnosis and treatment planning provides tools useful for routine clinical practice such as a tooth whitening flow chart, a sample patient questionnaire, and a tooth-shade evaluation protocol. the supplementary book, tooth whitening communication tool, is a valuable collection of before and after treatment photographs designed to help the clinician better communicate the expected outcome of the proposed teeth whitening procedures to the patient. tooth whitening in esthetic dentistry is a must-read text for every dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, and anyone with an interest in tooth whitening in esthetic dentistry.

tooth whitening indications and outcomes of nightguard vital bleaching

tooth whitening indications and outcomes of nightguard vital bleachingby van b. haywood

bleaching: the first step to a beautiful smile

often patients present in the dental office unhappy with their smile but daunted by the prospect of costly, lengthy, and possibly painful dental treatment. in almost every case, bleaching is ideal as an affordable and noninvasive first step in esthetic treatment. in fact, for some patients, it is the only treatment necessary; for others, having whiter teeth is motivation to pursue further treatment, such as orthodontic or restorative procedures.

for patients, seeing is believing

this pictorial atlas illustrates the results achieved by the author over the course of more than 15 years of providing nightguard vital bleaching to his patients. full-color before and after photos demonstrate how this approach has provided a more beautiful smile to a wide range of patients, including those with naturally yellow teeth, white splotches, nicotine or tetracycline stains, a single dark tooth, or existing restorations that no longer match their teeth. these case presentations make this book an invaluable chairside tool for educating and motivating patients and, most importantly, provides them with realistic expectations for the outcome of treatment, perhaps the single most important factor in patient satisfaction.

expert clinical guidance improves results

tooth whitening also provides the clinician with practical information regarding the use of nightguard vital bleaching, such as indications and contraindications, step-by-step procedures, treatment times, longevity, and special considerations for patients with sensitivity and other existing tooth conditions. in addition, practical clinical tips are presented throughout the book for specific case scenarios, making this comprehensive resource a must-have for clinicians wanting to integrate this popular and versatile treatment option into their daily practice.

whats in your mouth your guide to a lifelong smile

what’s in your mouthby douglas a. terry

dental clinicians have a responsibility to teach patients the importance of oral health care, and this book shows adult patients what can happen if they neglect their teeth. it presents full-page images to show what plaque, decay, and gingivitis look like and how they can contribute to periodontal disease and tooth loss. it also instructs the reader on the proper brushing and flossing techniques to prevent such negative outcomes. with the combination of exquisite clinical images and descriptive yet succinct text, what’s in your mouth : your guide to a lifelong smile is an excellent chairside tool for patient education on oral hygiene.

smile your guide to esthetic dental treatment

smile! your guide to esthetic dental treatmentby douglas a. terry

many patients are unaware of the wide range of treatment options available for esthetic dental restoration and enhancement, and it is often difficult for them to visualize the change that is possible with such treatment. this book presents full-page images to show how various areas of the mouth can be restored and transformed to make the smile more esthetic. before-and-after photographs of exceptional quality reveal the significant improvements that are possible with procedures as simple as crown lengthening, composite restoration, or veneers. other topics include all-ceramic crowns, fixed partial dentures, connective tissue grafting, implant therapy, and esthetic contouring. the author also addresses tooth fracture and diastema closure, missing teeth, noncarious lesions, sealants, interproximal restoration, inlays and onlays, minor orthodontics, bleaching, and root canal therapy. smile! your guide to esthetic dental treatment is the perfect tool for showing patients how they can benefit from esthetic dental treatment.

dental bleaching

dental bleachingby dr. martin keller

bleaching has been scientifically proven to be a simple, safe, and effective modality. used appropriately, bleaching treatments provide significant aesthetic benefits to patients and incur only a very low biologic risk and a reasonable financial cost. inside/outside bleaching has dramatically reduced the further destruction of damaged teeth caused by the placement of post crowns.

esthetic dentistry a clinical approach to techniques and materials edition 2

by kenneth w. aschheim, barry g. dale
esthetic dentistry presents clearly highlighted techniques in step-by-step fashion, with unmistakable delineation of armamentarium, for the treatment of esthetic problems. hundreds of clinical tips are included throughout the book to alert clinicians to potential problems, variations on techniques, and other treatment considerations. numerous tables and boxes illustrate the properties of various materials and compare/contrast different products on the market. an invaluable troubleshooting guide presents different types of esthetic problems (such as size, discoloration, and spacing problems), potential solutions, and references to chapters where the specific problem is discussed in detail. finally, the excellent full-color art program of this book clearly depicts important concepts involving coloration and shading on both natural teeth and prostheses.

spanish version also available, isbn: 84-8174-567-7

the book contains predominantly color illustrations, with some black-and-white illustrations.


solutions for dental esthetics the natural look

by toyohiko hidaka
this photographic atlas aims to cultivate a sense of dental esthetics through pictures that speak for themselves. the salient points of the book include the fundamental principles of esthetic analysis, the essential biological and material requirements for esthetic rehabilitation, and a comprehensive photographic study of naturally healthy teeth across all age ranges. the author avoids suggesting that beauty can be manufactured using simple, universal rules of esthetics. on the contrary: the book strives to convey to the reader a sensitive and differentiated concept of esthetics derived from many years of clinical observation and experience.

viva on pre clinical endodontics and conservative dentistry for 2nd year bds students

author: kothari kamna

contains 14 chapters, beginning with a chapter on introduction, definition, aim and scope of conservative dentistry, followed by classification, nomenclature, various chair side positions, tooth numbering systems, restorations, operative instruments, rotary cutting instruments, finishing and polishing of restorations with last chapter on root canal instruments.

gold aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry made easy

aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry made easyby

  • pramod bansi mathur, junior specialist (dental) rtd., bikaner, rajasthan (india)
  • sanjay bansi mathur, dental surgeon, bikaner, rajasthan (india),

this book is written keeping in view the requirements of the practicing dentists, dental students, and the dental material dealers. the commoner procedural mistakes, which ultimately result in procedure failures and frustrations both for the patient and the dentist, are well highlighted (what, why, how ) in this book. the first chapter is about “origin and scope” of “aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry”. next four chapters give briefings about the “materials” used in “aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry”. (along with their commercial/brand name and the names of the company manufacturing them), because generally a dentist know only the “pharmacological name” of the “dental material “whereas the dealers know only the brand name or the company manufacturing them. “generation-chart “will explain to you the names/ brands/flows/benefits/disadvantages/dates of their invention and all relative information about “bonding materials.” remaining chapters explain steps in chronological order to use these materials in fillings/fractured corner of teeth repairs/lamination of discolored and fluorosed teeth/diastema closure/or even conversion of misplaced 13 into position of 12 using composite material/bleaching of teeth/press-able ceramics/metal base crowns with acrylic or ceramic facings/dowel pin crown, etc. accompanying dvd will make you to remember by heart (using models, movies, commentaries, etc.) the steps as step-1/step-2/step-3, etc. in their perfect chronological order which shall result in successful ultimate results of your procedures done on your patients. if you read this book thoroughly and revise it 2 to 3 times and watch the dvd repeatedly, and if you are appearing for examination or working on your patients the “sounds” filled in dvd shall echo in your ears and the movies, etc. of the procedures will reel at the back of your mind. and that will guarantee a perfect dental procedure on your patient and your name as a most popular and reliable dentist. the accompanying dvd has 52 ppt slides, containing on each slide the important text described in the book, along with its photos, and or movies, and “sound”, i.e. running commentaries, etc. that shall make the text crystal clear in the mind of the reader. if the reader is not in a mood of reading the book, he/she can listen to the text described on each dvd, which shall echo in his/her ears later. this is a proved scientific way for better and quicker learning. on slide no.10 the author has explained a technique by which you will learn “how to remember anything” specially names/or steps in chronological order. by little practice you will also learn as ‘how to remember difficult text steps in perfect chronological order.’ using this coding and decoding technique you can remember the entire book by heart, try it.

free precision in dental esthetics clinical and laboratory procedures

precision in dental estheticsby

  • domenico massironi, md, dmd, private practice, milan, italy
  • romeo pascetta, mdt, dental laboratory technician and owner, chieti, italy
  • giuseppe romeo, mdt, dental laboratory technician and owner, turin, italy

achieving a favorable esthetic and functional prosthetic outcome requires progression through an intricate sequence of clinical steps. the first section of this beautifully illustrated, highly practical book guides the dental practitioner through each of these steps in the treatment of various common clinical situations. the second part addresses the technical and esthetic aspects of dental laboratory techniques, covering precision in metals and new and conventional ceramics as well as the esthetic realization of prosthetic devices, including diagnostic waxups, communication with patients and clinicians, color matching, and the fabrication of ceramic restorations. throughout the book, the authors advocate a philosophy emphasizing close clinician-technician collaboration and cooperation, and they are strong proponents of the use of the microscope in most dental procedures.

free principles of esthetic integration

principles of esthetic integrationby

  • claude r. rufenacht

this book guides dental practitioners toward a better understanding of the art and science of esthetics by helping them to develop conscious knowledge of the various factors that affect it. the author describes and illustrates procedures for integrating dental restorations into the individual facial composition with respect to biological, functional, and esthetic requirements. given patients’ increasing concern with esthetics, every practitioner, from general dentist to specialist, should acquire a solid and practical knowledge of the principles, criteria, and factors that generate beauty in dentofacial compositions.

gold aesthetic dentistry

aesthetic dentistry qby

  • david bartlett
  • paul a brunton

quintessentials of dental practice – 19
operative dentistry – 2

aesthetic dentistry is a rapidly developing field of restorative dentistry. it is driven by increasing demands and expectations of patients for functional but aesthetic restorations. this book has many hints and tips that practitioners can readily incorporate into their every day practice to improve aesthetic outcomes for their patients.

gold color atlas of dental medicine aesthetic dentistry

aesthetic dentistryby

  • josef schmidseder, m. d., mariannenstrasse 5, 80538 munich, germany
  • klaus h. rateitschak, d.d.s., ph.d., dental institute, center for dental medicine, university of basle, hebelstr. 3, 4056 basle, switzerland
  • herbert f.wolf, d.d.s., private practitioner, specialist of periodontics sso/ssp, l wenstrasse 55, 8001 zurich, switzerland

exquisitely illustrated update on all new aesthetic techniques from a team of master practitioners…
in today’s modern dental practice, the patient’s role has changed–from petitioner seeking pain relief to client requesting a wide range of services, including improved looks. often the patient will decide between amalgam, gold, composite or ceramics as the material of choice for a posterior tooth restoration, or have a say in the processing method used for its fabrication!this lavishly illustrated new volume in the prestigious color atlas of dental medicine series explores the full scope of today’s rapidly growing practice of aesthetic dentistry and its future evolution. you will find full coverage of the improved aesthetics and biocompatibility possible in new all-ceramic and metal-ceramic systems, plus details on in-lay, onlay, and veneer processing methods. and you will benefit from the informed discussion of each technique and system, complete with the advantages and disadvantages of each.special topics covered:

  • basic principles, indications, diagnostics, and treatment planning
  • all background on composites-direct posterior restorations and composite inlays
  • aesthetics and function of direct anterior restorations
  • the newest metal-ceramic and all-ceramic restorations, including clinical aspects of the all-ceramic crown and inlays
  • step-by-step bleaching techniques
  • how to achieve maximum aesthetics with implants

complete with a chapter on state-of-the-art computer assisted systems for use in restorative dentistry, and the impact of aesthetic techniques on every dental subspecialty, this book is informative and current. it recognizes that today’s practice has dramatically shifted from pain relief and functionality to a demand for excellent cosmetic results, and it will be a valued resource in every practitioner’s office. stay up-to-date in a rapidly evolving field; order your copy today!

gold fundamentals of color shade matching and communication in esthetic dentistry 2nd edition

fundamentals of colorby

  • stephen j. chu
  • alessandro devigus
  • rade paravina
  • adam j. mieleszko

when dental practitioners lack training in the art and science of color, the deficiency often becomes glaringly evident in the quality of their restorative work. this book was written to simplify the study of color and help dentists communicate shade easily and accurately. it begins by presenting the basics of color theory within the context of esthetic dentistry and the factors that affect the transmission and perception of color. this is followed by how-to chapters on conventional and technology-based shade matching, which highlight the advantages and drawbacks of each approach and provide step-by-step shade-matching methods and protocols. this updated and expanded second edition also includes chapters on the use of digital photography for shade verification and the influence of material selection on color matching. in the final two chapters, the authors present their own recommended shade-matching protocol (which combines conventional and computer-based techniques) and an expanded series of cases demonstrating its application in various clinical scenarios. highly recommended for students, general practioners, and specialists.

gold esthetic soft tissue management of teeth and implants


  • andré p. saadoun dds , ms , doctor in odontologic sciences, university of paris , associate professor in periodontics, university of southern california , diplomate of the american academy of periodontology , diplomate of the international congress of oral implantology , visiting professor, hadassah faculty of dental medicine, jerusalem ,

2013 tittle!!! super hot!!!

this is a step by step guide to success in periodontics and implant dentistry, helping clinicians to create a natural and esthetically pleasing smile for their patients. starting with a general discussion of facial esthetics and analyzing the dento-gingival constituents of the smile, the book goes on to consider the impact of these on people’s quality of life, both in terms of health and social engagement. subsequent chapters focus on specific esthetic treatments such as crown lengthening procedures, gingival recession coverage with connective tissue grafts or periodontal regenerative material, and soft tissue management for natural teeth and implants.

highly illustrated with an abundance of supporting photographs, esthetic soft tissue management of teeth and implants is an essential companion for periodontists and other dental specialists, as well as advanced general dentists with an interest in esthetic periodontics and implant dentistry.

key features

  • provides practical coverage of an important and challenging skill in periodontics and implant dentistry
  • emphasizes the esthetic preservation of the natural dentition as well as implants
  • includes a comprehensive review of literature on these topics
  • contains many high quality full color clinical photographs
  • written by an internationally renowned expert in the field

gold cosmetic facial surgery


  • joe niamtu, iii, dmd, faacs, private practice, cosmetic facial surgery, richmond, va

take your practice to the next level! cosmetic facial surgery provides a highly illustrated, case-based approach to common face and neck procedures. in this full-color reference, internationally renowned surgeon joe niamtu iii, dmd, covers techniques including brow, face, and neck lifts; nose, eye, and ear surgery; cosmetic surgery practice with discussions of the process of facial aging, diagnosing and consulting with patients, clinical digital facial implants; skin resurfacing; the use of neurotoxins; and the removal of skin lesions. the book also prepares you for photography, and anesthesia considerations. in a companion dvd, video clips feature dr. niamtu demonstrating key procedures addressed in the text.

key features

  • comprehensive coverage includes the full range of surgical procedures from the upper face to the lower face/neck area.
  • over 3,000 full-color photos show surgical techniques and before-and-after shots of actual cases done by dr. niamtu.
  • a dvd includes videos of procedures performed by the author, bringing complicated procedures to life.
  • accessible, easy-to-grasp descriptions, written in an engaging, first-person narrative, explain concepts based on real cases and on dr. niamtu’s experience.

gold facial aesthetics concepts and clinical diagnosis


  • farhad b. naini, bds (lond), msc (lond), fds.rcs (eng), m.orth.rcs (eng), fds.orth.rcs (eng), gcap (kcl), fhea, consultant orthodontist, kingston and st george s hospitals, london, uk, honorary senior lecturer, craniofacial anatomy, biology and development, st george s medical school, university of london,london, uk

facial aesthetics: concepts and clinical diagnosisis a unique new illustrated resource for facial aesthetic surgery and dentistry, providing the comprehensive clinical textbook on the art and science of facial aesthetics for clinicians involved in the management of facial deformities, including orthodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, plastic and reconstructive surgeons and aesthetic dentists. it aims to provide readers with a comprehensive examination of facial aesthetics in the context of dentofacial and craniofacial diagnosis and treatment planning. this aim is achieved through coupling meticulous research and practical clinical advice with beautifully drawn supporting illustrations and diagrams.structured over 24 logically arranged and easy-to-follow chapters, part i of facial aestheticscovers the historical evidence for facial aesthetic canons and concepts in depth. it incorporates all aspects relevant to the work of the clinician, including the philosophical and scientific theories of facial beauty, facial attractiveness research, facial expression and the psychosocial ramifications of facial deformities. part ii of the book then goes on to examine clinical evaluation and diagnosis in considerable detail under four sections, from the initial consultation interview and acquisition of diagnostic records (section 1), complete clinical examination and analysis of the craniofacial complex (section 2), in depth analysis of each individual facial region using a top-down approach (section 3) and finally focussing on smile and dentogingival aesthetic evaluation (section 4).an in-depth, thoughtful, practical and absorbing reference, facial aesthetics will find an enthusiastic reception among facial aesthetic surgeons and aesthetic dentists with an interest in refining their understanding and appreciation of the human face and applying practical protocols to their clinical diagnosis and treatment planning.

key features

  • examines facial aesthetics in a clinical context
  • promotes an interdisciplinary approach to facial aesthetic analysis
  • detailed description of the systematic clinical evaluation of the facial soft tissues and craniodentoskeletal complex
  • detailed, step-by-step aesthetic analysis of each facial region
  • in-depth analysis of 2d and 3d clinical diagnostic records
  • evidence-based approach, from antiquity to contemporary scientific evidence, to the guidelines employed in planning the correction of facial deformities
  • treatment planning from first principles highlighted
  • clinical notes are highlighted throughout
  • clearly organized and practical format
  • highly illustrated in full colour throughout

color atlas of tooth whitening


  • gerald l. mclaughlin
  • george a. freedman

book description

surveys new techniques and chemicals for bleaching teeth that are now being tested by dentists and people at home. among the topics are diagnosis and treatment planning, materials and their evaluation, clinical and laboratory techniques, and marketing

product details

  • hardcover: 119 pages
  • publisher: ishiyaku euroamerica; illustrated edition edition (january 1992)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 0912791853
  • isbn-13: 978-0912791852
  • product dimensions: 11.5 x 9 x 0.5 inches
  • shipping weight: 1.8 pounds

science and art of porcelain laminate veneers


  • galip gürel, dds,, president of turkish academy of aesthetic dentistry, member of american society for dental aesthetics, the honorary diplomate of the american board of aesthetic dentistry

book description

this text details the expanding field of porcelain laminate veneers in aesthetic dentistry. it guides the aesthetic dentist in understanding the needs of the patient and formulating a treatment plan that includes not only aesthetic considerations, such as colour and smile design, but also occlusal, periodontal and functional requirements. in addition, it discusses the use of porcelain laminate veneers in diastema closure, the treatment of tetracycline discolouration and in conjunction wih orthodontic therapy. new techniques to ensure minimally invasive tooth preparation and maximum space creation for the dental technician are explored, and impression materials for porcelain laminate veneers are compared. the detailed guides to alternative porcelain materials and their step-by-step applications should make this book useful to general practitioners, dental technicians and the entire aesthetic team.

customer reviews

must have book for better laminates january 5, 2004

i am a dentist practicing cosmetic dentistry and this book is a great guide for porcelain laminate veneers . it gives good detail in all fields from the clinic stages to the lab stage

product details

  • hardcover: 525 pages
  • publisher: quintessence publishing (il); 1 edition (january 1, 2003)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 1850970602
  • isbn-13: 978-1850970606
  • product dimensions: 12.1 x 9 x 1.6 inches
  • shipping weight: 6 pounds

dental photography for esthetic treatment planning


brian lesage, dds, faacd, lecturer, university of maryland and ucla school of dentistry, fellowship, american academy of cosmetic dentistry, ada seminars series speaker.


introduction to dental photograhy – digital presentation – digital camera overview – digital camera options – camera flash units – digital film ~ sensors – digital image formats – histograms – camera accessories – photographic technique – aacd accreditation views – conclusion and q&a.

in this 90 minute lecture and 30 minute q & a, learn how photography can improve your clinical dentistry and allow for clearer communication with patients and/or your lab technician. an overview of 35mm slide and digital camera systems and components will be discussed. emphasis will be on digital systems and the views necessary to diagnosis and treatment plan your smile enhancement procedures. highlighted will be the twelve views recommended by the american academy of cosmetic dentistry that will allow for accurate and complete diagnosis, design, and critique of your cosmetic enhancement procedures.

this dvd is published in english. region free and ntsc format and is playable in any tv dvd player or computer dvd player.

product details

  • publisher: gide
  • total length: 01:49.08
  • language: english
  • frame rate: 29 frames/ second
  • dimension: 640 x 360
  • total bitrate: 738 kbps
  • file size: 579 mb

color atlas of cosmetic oculofacial surgery


william pd chen, md, facs, clinical professor of ophthalmology, ucla school of medicine, los angeles, california; senior surgical attending, eye plastic surgery service, harbor-ucla medical center, california, us;
jemshed a khan, md, khan eyelid and facial plastic surgery, overland park, kansas, us.

book description

color atlas of cosmetic oculofacial surgery, 2nd edition by drs. chen and kahn is an invaluable tool for all oculoplastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, facial plastic surgeons, and head and neck specialists. fully updated and revised, the new edition of this pictorial guide incorporates new chapters, a procedural dvd-rom, high-quality color images, and so much more to keep you on the cusp of this rapidly growing field. detailed discussions on the newest procedures such as revision surgery approaches and minimally invasive dermatologic procedures keep you ahead of the competition.

  • offers the expertise of oculoplastic surgeons who are fellows of the american society of ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  • evaluates and recommends the most effective treatment for each patient problem to help you create the best possible results.
  • illustrates every procedure with clear original line drawings and crisp color photographs for step-by-step visual guidance.
  • features step-by-step surgical videos, narrated by the authors, on the accompanying dvd-rom that help you perfect your technique.
  • covers the newest procedures, including revision surgery approaches, fillers, and minimally invasive dermatologic procedures, keeping you ahead of the competition.
  • presents updated information on laser surgery, asian eyelid surgery, and botox , to help you stay current on practical proven techniques.
  • includes new chapters on cosmetic botulinum neurotoxin application, advanced concept of a glide zone as it relates to upper lid crease, lid fold and application in upper blepharoplasty, advanced concept of beveled approach in revisional asian blepharoplasty: resetting of high crease, botulinum toxin and dermal filler use in the periorbital areas, and hyaluronic acid filler injection.
  • incorporates more than 550 full-color illustrations for enhanced visual guidance.

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  • hardcover: 376 pages
  • publisher: saunders; 2 edition (september 22, 2009)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 1416062106
  • isbn-13: 978-1416062103
  • product dimensions: 10.9 x 8.7 x 1.2 inches
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soft tissue and esthetic considerations in implant therapy


anthony g. sclar, dmd, private practice, miami, florida.

book description

this long-anticipated book presents advanced surgical techniques for preserving and restoring natural dental esthetics in implant therapy. written for the novice and expert alike, each chapter builds on the information in the preceding chapters in a clear, well-illustrated, and easy-to-follow format. following a discussion of the rationale and biologic basis for creating a stable peri-implant soft tissue environment, the author presents a systematic approach to the patient evaluation, including quantification of the positive and negative elements that enhance and detract from an individual s smile; specific surgical maneuvers for managing peri-implant soft tissues, including various innovative flap designs; the surgical and prosthetic protocols of a technique for preserving the natural hard and soft tissue anatomy in patients undergoing tooth removal; soft tissue grafting techniques for augmenting attached tissues around natural teeth and implant restorations; and an innovative technique for reconstructing large-volume hard and soft tissue defects in the anterior maxillary area. the final chapter presents advanced cases that demonstrate the use of these procedures in various situations, along with algorithms to guide the implant surgeon in their selection and sequencing. for those who want to master new techniques for treating esthetic implant patients with a high level of predictability, this book is a must-have.

customer reviews

excellent book december 21, 2009

probably one of the top 5 textbooks in the field of implantology at a global level

great book great service march 12, 2009

this book is awesome, it really is amazing. i think that anyone who is placing and/or restoring implants needs this book or one similar to it.

a guide book for dental implant esthetics september 10, 2008

dr. sclar has always been a very renowned researcher in this field with countless publications an lectures. this book summarizes in a very well organized fashion everything there is to know about dental implants and the integration of soft tissue esthetics. this book will help every practitioner to elevate their implant case from a mere functional result to great esthetic result.

great book on implantology……, february 21, 2004

…..up to date with recent literature cited. as a senior dental student going into omfs i find it great to use for papers in school or just to expand that good old knowledge of implantology. i’d buy it myself except a little pricey for a poor student!!

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  • hardcover: 288 pages
  • publisher: quintessence pub co; slipcase edition (december 1, 2003)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 0867153547
  • isbn-13: 978-0867153545
  • product dimensions: 12.5 x 9.5 x 1.3 inches
  • shipping weight: 4.4 pounds