fundamentals of oral and maxillofacial radiology

j. sean hubar


fundamentals of oral and maxillofacial radiology provides a concise overview of the principles of dental radiology, emphasizing their application to clinical practice. * distills foundational knowledge on oral radiology in an accessible guide * uses a succinct, easy-to-follow approach * focuses on practical applications for radiology information and techniques * presents summaries of the most common osseous pathologic lesions and dental anomalies * includes companion website with figures from the book in powerpoint and x-ray puzzlesshow more

atlas of oral and maxillofacial radiology

bernard koong


the atlas of oral and maxillofacial radiology presents an extensive case collection of both common and less common conditions of the jaws and teeth. focusing on the essentials of radiologic interpretation, this is a go-to companion for clinicians in everyday practice who have radiologically identified a potential abnormality, as well as a comprehensive study guide for students at all levels of dentistry, surgery and radiology. * unique lesion-based problem solving chapter makes this an easy-to-use reference in a clinical setting * includes 2d intraoral radiography, the panoramic radiograph, cone beam ct, multidetector ct and mri * multiple cases are presented in order to demonstrate the variation in the radiological appearances of conditions affecting the jaws and teeth * special focus on conditions where diagnostic imaging may substantially contribute to diagnosisshow more

dental radiography principles and techniques

joen iannucci


set yourself up for success with this must-have oral radiography text. dental radiography: principles and techniques gives you a comprehensive foundation for the safe, effective use of radiation in the modern dental office. this combination textbook and training manual features easy-to-understand content combined with step-by-step techniques and a stellar art program to help you apply what you've learned to practice. plus, new content focuses on pediatrics and the latest in digital and three-dimensional technology!show more

basic guide to dental radiography

tim reynolds


basic guide to dental radiography provides an essential introduction to radiography in the dental practice. illustrated throughout, this guide outlines and explains each topic in a clear and accessible style. * comprehensive coverage includes general physics, principles of image formation, digital image recording, equipment, biological effects of x-rays and legislation * suitable for the whole dental team * illustrated in full colour throughout * ideal for those completing mandatory cpd in radiography * useful study guide for the nebdn certificate in dental radiography, the national certificate in radiography or the level 3 diploma in dental nursingshow more

cone beam computed tomography in endodontics

shanon patel

in recent years, cone beam computed tomography (cbct) has become much more widely available and utilised in all aspects of dentistry, including endodontics. cone beam computed tomography in endodontics is designed to inform readers about the appropriate use of cbct in endodontics, and enhance their clinical practice with this exciting imaging modality.

3d imaging in endodontics 2016 a new era in diagnosis and treatment

mohamed fayad

this book is designed to provide the reader with a full understanding of the role of cone beam computed tomography (cbct) in helping to solve many of the most challenging problems in endodontics. it will shorten the learning curve in application of this exciting imaging technique in a variety of contexts: difficult diagnostic cases, treatment planning, evaluation of internal tooth anatomy prior to root canal therapy, nonsurgical and surgical treatments, early detection and treatment of resorptive defects, and outcomes assessment. the ability to obtain an accurate 3d representation of a tooth and the surrounding structures by means of noninvasive cbct imaging is changing the approach to clinical decision making in endodontics. clinicians long accustomed to working in very small, three-dimensional spaces are no longer constrained by the limitations of two-dimensional imaging. the challenges of mastering the new technology can, however, be daunting. the detailed guidance contained in this book will help endodontists to take full advantage of the important benefits offered by cbct.

exercises in oral radiology and interpretation 5th edition

robert p. langlais

by providing the most radiography practice and placing it within a unique q&a format with detailed answers and rationales to ensure comprehension, exercises in oral radiology and interpretation, 5th edition, is specifically designed to complement radiography instruction throughout the continuum of dental professions. for more than 35 years, this go-to supplement has bridged the gap between the classroom and the clinic, providing hundreds of opportunities to practice and master image interpretation. it serves as a valuable adjunct to the core content presentation, with more than 600 images with case scenarios, plus examples, questions, and tips to fill in the gap in textbook coverage and prepare you for clinical experiences and classroom and board exams.

oral radiology interpretation and diagnostic strategies an issue of dental clinics of north america

mel mupparapu, dmd, mds, dip. abomr
this issue of dental clinics of north america focuses on oral and maxillofacial radiology: radiographic interpretation and diagnostic strategies. articles will include: oral and maxillofacial imaging, developmental disorders affecting jaws, periodontal diseases, temporomandibular joint disorders and orofacial pain, benign jaw lesions, malignant jaw lesions, benign fibro-osseous lesions of jaws, granulomatous diseases affecting jaws, systemic diseases and conditions affecting jaws, chemical and radiation associated jaw lesions, and more!

cone beam computed tomography from capture to reporting an issue of dental clinics of north america

dale a. miles
this issue of dental clinics updates topics in cbct and dental imaging. articles will cover: basic principles of cbct; artifacts interfering with interpretation of cbct; basic anatomy in the three anatomic planes of section; endodontic applications of cbct; pre-surgical implant site assessment; software tools for surgical guide construction; cbct for the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses; cbct and osa and sleep disordered breathing; update on cbct and orthodontic analyses; liabilities and risks of using cbct; reporting findings in a cbct volume, and more!

this item is non-returnable.

oral maxillofacial imaging techniques

9789350908464by rawlani shivlal m, rawlani shobha s
the featured book provides full range of imaging techniques widely used in oral and maxillofacial diagnosis. these techniques are evaluated to get accurate diagnosis radiography which results in outcome of significant image with clear description. book provides brief introduction and discusses the limitations associated with conventional techniques and compiled all the relevant intellectual benefits of imaging techniques. each chapter is divided into different radio imaging techniques such as arthroscopy, implant radiology, tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging which envisions in-depth knowledge and gives complete illustrations by highlighting the procedures, advantages, disadvantages and limitations of it. the presented book also accounts for recent advances in the imaging techniques with inventions of doppler us, us biomicroscopy, elastography, hybrid arrays and alternative modalities like xeroradiography and scintigraphy practiced in oral and maxillofacial radiodiagnosis. overall the book forms an excellent reference for researchers, students and medical communities especially in diagnostic centers and dental care.

cone beam computed tomography a clinicians guide to 3d imaging

9789351526391by jaju prashant p
the cone beam computed tomography a clinician’s guide to 3d imaging depicts a clear understanding of the comparative capabilities and limitations of cone beam imaging in detecting disease as well as monitoring disease progression or healing. the capability of cone beam computed tomography, cbct system to obtain all the data necessary to reconstruct a whole volume allows to realize an unsophisticated hardware system composed by a c-arm with a low power x-ray source and a x-ray imaging detector. for varied conditions, such as periapical lesions, impactions, cysts and tumors, sinus disease, fractures, or lesions of the temporomandibular joint, cbct offers many diagnostic advantages compared to conventional imaging. cross-sectional imaging, surface renderings, maximum intensity imaging, and other display modes all have important roles in visualizing disease and abnormalities. this book describes various means to improve the imaging technique including when to limit the field of view, both to reduce patient exposure and to improve image contrast.

dental radiology

dental radiologyby andreas fuhrmann

dental radiology is an excellent guide book for both dental students and practicing dentists. students will benefit from practical guidance on how and when to use the various imaging methods presented as well as key information on fundamental concepts. for experienced dentists, the book is a valuable guide for image analysis, interpretation of radiologic findings, and diagnosis of pathological changes. modern imaging methods, the fundamentals of x-ray physics, examination strategies, and information on radiation protection and quality assurance are included.

key features:

  • covers the entire range of dental imaging techniques, from intraoral radiography to panoramic radiography and cone beam computed tomography
  • presents information in a concise, easy to understand manner, enabling readers to quickly put imaging techniques into practice
  • includes almost 400 high-quality radiographs and color illustrations

this book serves as an excellent study guide for dental students as well as a practical radiological reference for experienced dentists.

essentials of oral and maxillofacial radiology

author: karjodkar freny r

this book is comprehensively designed for both undergraduate and postgraduate students covering all the basics in oral and maxillofacial radiology. the text has been simplified so as to enable the undergraduate students to easily understand, and at the same time there is sufficient in depth information for the postgraduates to use it as a reference tool. it introduces the reader to the basic physics of radiation in a simple an easy to understand language with simple line diagrams which helps to comprehend the principles easily. it presents simple and easy to consult approach in taking and interpreting dental radiographs. an entire chapter has been dedicated to cone beam computed tomography (cbct) the latest technology in dental imaging which may be a first in any dental radiology text book. the chapter detailing radiographic implant planning is very informative and gives many day to day practical clinical tips in interpreting cbct images for implant planning. there is an all-inclusive chapter on role of dental and maxillofacial radiology in forensic odontology. this book is a useful guidance for the general practitioners in modifying their practice patterns and update with the newer techniques.

cone beam computed tomography in orthodontics indications insights and innovations

by sunil kapila (editor)

since its introduction to dentistry, cone beam computed tomography (cbct) has undergone a rapid evolution and considerable integration into orthodontics. however, despite the increasing popularity of cbct and progress in applying it to clinical orthodontics, the profession has lacked a cohesive, comprehensive and objective reference that provides clinicians with the background needed to utilize this technology optimally for treating their patients. cone beam computed tomography in orthodontics provides timely, impartial, and state-of-the-art information on the indications and protocols for cbct imaging in orthodontics, clinical insights gained from these images, and innovations driven by these insights. as such, it is the most current and authoritative textbook on cbct in orthodontics. additionally, two dvds include more than 15 hours of video presentations on related subjects from the 39th annual moyers symposium and 38th annual international conference on craniofacial research.

cone beam computed tomography in orthodontics is organized to progress sequentially through specific topics so as to build the knowledgebase logically in this important and rapidly evolving field. part i provides the foundational information on cbct technology, including radiation exposure and risks, and future evolutions in computed tomography. part ii presents the principles and protocols for cbct imaging in orthodontics, focusing on developing evidence-based criteria for cbct imaging, the medico-legal implications of cbct to the professional and the protocols and integration of this technology in orthodontic practice. part iii provides critical information on cbct-based diagnosis and treatment planning that includes how to interpret cbct scans, identify incidental pathologies and the possible other uses of this technology. part iv covers practical aspects of cbct’s clinical applications and treatment outcomes that encompasses a range of topics, including root morphology and position, treatment of impacted teeth, virtual surgical treatment planning and outcomes, and more.

diagnostic imaging oral and maxillofacial published by amirsys

by lisa j. koenig

diagnostic imaging: oral and maxillofacial is the newest title in the popular diagnostic imaging series by amirsys. this book is written primarily for dentists who currently use or plan to use ct or cbct technology in their practices. it can also benefit radiologists interested in the head and neck region who would like a dentist’s perspective. the authors are a large team of renowned oral and maxillofacial dentists and radiologists. unlike many head and neck radiology books, this volume uses dental-specific nomenclature and anatomy descriptions. it offers a comprehensive review of the oral and maxillofacial complex and reviews the imaging of its common pathologies. it includes a complete section on differential diagnoses that offers an intuitive and simplified method of reviewing pathology according to its radiographic appearance. featuring over 1,000 images, this volume has a unique focus on three-dimensional imaging rather than intraoral and extraoral plain film radiography. this approach provides the practitioner with a quick and easy reference to the radiographic appearance of the normal as well as abnormal oral and maxillofacial complex. the book includes three main sections: 1) imaging anatomy, which covers normal dental anatomy and nomenclature as well as radiographic anatomy of the oral and maxillofacial complex, 2) diagnostic imaging, which reviews the radiographic appearance of pathology that affects the oral region, and 3) a list of differential diagnoses, which offers a unique and simplified method of categorizing pathology according to radiographic appearance. like all amirsys radiology titles, the book also features easy-to-read bulleted text, detailed radiographic images, and superb medical illustrations.

panoramic radiology

panoramic radiologyby dr. vivian e. rushton & dr. john rout

practitioners who use panoramic radiography have an obligation to keep abreast of the indications and clinical justifications for its use. they also must have knowledge of relevant radiation doses, risks to patients, and quality assurance protocols. this book addresses each of these issues in addition to providing practical guidance on its everyday use.

interpreting dental radiographs

interpreting dental radiographsby prof. keith horner and others

after clinical history-taking and examination, radiography is the “third way” of diagnosis, and dentists face the daily task of interpreting radiographic images to help in patient management. this book aims to give a comprehensive guide to reading x-ray images in dental practice and concentrates on intraoral radiographs.
the text builds on a strong foundation of anatomical knowledge and is reinforced by the authors’ experience of the radiological appearances that frequently challenge dentists.

oral radiology principles and interpretation edition 7

oral radiology 7by stuart c. white

with more than 1,000 high-quality radiographs and illustrations, oral radiology: principles and interpretation, 7th edition visually demonstrates the basic principles of oral and maxillofacial radiology along with their clinical application. first, you’ll gain a solid foundation in radiation physics, radiation biology, and radiation safety and protection. then you’ll learn intraoral and extraoral imaging techniques, including specialized techniques such as mri and ct. the second half of the book focuses on how to recognize the radiographic features of pathologic conditions and interpret radiographs accurately. this edition also includes new chapters on forensics and cone-beam imaging. written by oral radiology experts stuart white and michael pharoah, this bestselling book helps you provide state-of-the-art care!

  • an easy-to-follow format simplifies the key radiographic features of each pathologic condition, including location, periphery, shape, internal structure, and effects on surrounding structures – placed in context with clinical features, differential diagnosis, and management.
  • updated information addresses the etiology and diagnosis of diseases and pathologic conditions in the orofacial region.
  • updated coverage of all aspects of oral radiology includes the entire predoctoral curriculum.
  • a wide array of radiographs including advanced imaging such as mri and ct.
  • hundreds of drawings are updated and rendered in full color.
  • case studies apply imaging concepts to real-world scenarios.
  • expert contributors include many authors with worldwide reputations.
  • chapter bibliographies and suggested readings make it easier to conduct further research.
  • new chapter on cone-beam imaging keeps you current with emerging field requirements.
  • new coverage of cone beam computed tomography (cbct) includes more of the normal anatomy of cross-sectional images of the maxilla and mandible along with variations of normal anatomy.
  • new! an ebook version makes the content interactive and portable, and shows radiographs in high resolution.

dental radiography principles and techniques edition 4

by joen iannucci

providing essential coverage of dental radiography principles and complete technical instruction, dental radiography: principles and techniques, 4th edition, is your key to the safe, effective use of radiation in the dental office. the first ever full-color dental radiography resource, this combination of a textbook and a training manual guides you step-by-step through common procedures, with accompanying illustrations, case studies, and interactive exercises to help you apply what you’ve learned to practice.

  • a concise, straightforward writing style makes complex concepts more accessible and helps you easily identify the most important information.
  • step-by-step procedures combine clear instructions with anatomical drawings, positioning photos, and corresponding radiographs to help you confidently and accurately perform specific techniques, thus minimizing radiation exposure to the patient.
  • helpful hints detail common problems you may encounter in practice and provide a checklist to guide you through the do’s and don’ts of imaging procedures.
  • quiz questions at the end of each chapter assess your understanding of important content.
  • key terms, learning objectives, and chapter summaries highlight essential information to help you study more efficiently.
  • interactive exercises, terminology games, and case studies modeled on the national board dental hygiene examination (nbdhe) on evolve reinforce your understanding and help you prepare for examinations.
  • new chapter on cone beam computed tomography (cbct) familiarizes you with emerging practices in dental radiography.
  • updated chapter discussions and new radiographs keep you up to date on the latest information in digital imaging.
  • unique! full-color design and new illustrations and photographs clarify difficult concepts and help you master proper positioning techniques.
  • unique! a comprehensive appendix provides quick, easy access to all mathematical formulas used in dental radiography.

the book contains both black-and-white and two-color illustrations.

radiography and radiology for dental care professionals

by eric whaites

this volume continues to provide a useful reference manual which is ideal for all dental care professionals. offering a clear, easy-to-follow, comprehensive account of all aspects of dental radiography perfectly tailored to the needs of dcps, this book is an important resource that renders it essential reading, particularly for those undertaking examinations in dental radiography.

  • clear and accessible approach to the subject makes learning especially easy
  • more than 600 tables and illustrations present clinical, diagnostic and practical information in an easy-to-access manner
  • led by the best known uk textbook author in the subject area who has been heavily involved in the british dental association’s highly successful on-line course in dental radiography
  • contains what the dental care professional needs to know and no more, i.e. basic principles of background science, practical details of radiography and an elementary account of radiological interpretation
  • an all new online self assessment questions and answers module
  • includes a new chapter on cone beam technology
  • fully updated throughout with many new tables and images

imaging of the head and neck

by mahmood f. mafee, galdino e. valvassori
more than 3,700 illustrations and systematic coverage of the latest technical developments make the new edition of valvassori’s world-famous text your complete guide to head and neck imaging. fully revised and updated to include a wider range findings in both adults and children, the book provides in-depth discussions of the eye and orbit, lacrimal drainage system, skull base, mandible and maxilla, temporomandibular joint, and suprahyroid and infrahyroid neck. ct and mri scans acquired with the most advanced high-resolution equipment show all anatomic structures and pathological conditions, with actual cases clarifying every concept.with thorough coverage of the newest imaging modalities, an abundance of high-quality graphics, and the expertise of worldwide leaders in the field, this is the reference of choice on head and neck imaging for experienced practitioners and residents-in-training.

cone beam computed tomography oral and maxillofacial diagnosis and applications

by david sarment (editor)

written for the clinician, cone beam computed tomography helps the reader understand how cbct machines operate, perform advanced diagnosis using ct data, have a working knowledge of cbct-related treatment planning for specific clinical tasks, and integrate these new technologies in daily practice.

this comprehensive text lays the foundation of cbct technologies, explains how to interpret the data, recognize main pathologies, and utilize cbct for diagnosis, treatment planning, and execution. dr. sarment first addresses technology and principles, radiobiologic risks, and cbct for head and neck anatomy. the bulk of the text discusses diagnosis of pathologies and uses of cbct technology in maxillofacial surgical planning, orthodontic and orthognathic planning, implant surgical site preparation, cad/cam surgical guidance, surgical navigation, endodontics airway measurements, and periodontal disease.

an atlas on cephalometric landmarks

an atlas on cephalometric landmarksby

  • basavaraj subhashchandra phulari bds mds (ortho-tsma-russia) fage frsh

cephalometrics has been used in orthodontics for diagnosis, treatment planning, to evaluate the dentofacial changes during treatment and to assess the dentofacial growth and development. cephalometrics makes use of certain landmarks on the skull. the first important step in cephalometric analysis is accurate location and tracing of cephalometric landmarks on the cephalogram. any error in tracing the landmarks may result in incorrect cephalometric analysis. this book focuses on understanding the various cephalometric landmarks. each cephalometric landmark is explained in detail including its abbreviation, definition by various researchers, origin and radiographic anatomy of the landmarks.

radiology for the dental professional 9th edition

radiology for the dental professionalby

  • herbert h. frommer, ba, dds, facd, professor and director of radiology, new york university college of dentistry, new york, ny; diplomate of the american board of oral and maxillofacial radiology
  • jeanine j. stabulas-savage, rdh, bs, mph, associate clinical professor of radiology

a complete guide to radiology principles and techniques, radiology for the dental professional, 9th edition helps you develop imaging skills through practical application. detailed step-by-step procedures demonstrate proper techniques; photos and illustrations improve comprehension and readability. written by herbert h. frommer, dds, and jeanine j. stabulas, rdh, bs, mph, this book will help you interpret radiographs, and troubleshoot and prevent common errors. for students, it’s an ideal introduction to radiology; for dental hygiene/assisting professionals, it’s a great review!

new to this edition

  • expanded coverage of digital imaging techniques.
  • patient management and special problems chapter improves coverage of nervous patients, patients with special needs, pediatric patients, and specific problems such as endodontic issues and third molars.
  • new illustrations depict techniques and show the latest technology.

key features

  • a logical organization starts with the basics and makes it easier to progress through the material.
  • procedures boxes show detailed radiography procedures with illustrations and photos to demonstrate proper techniques.
  • common errors boxes explain mistakes in radiographic techniques and describe how they can be resolved.
  • advantages/disadvantages boxes compare and contrast the good and bad elements of radiographic techniques.
  • detailed outlines and educational objectives at the beginning of each chapter identify the information that you are expected to learn.
  • key terms are listed at the beginning of each chapter and highlighted upon first mention in the text.

study guide for radiology for the dental professional 9th edition

radiology for the dental professional study guideby

  • herbert h. frommer, ba, dds, facd, professor and director of radiology, new york university college of dentistry, new york, ny; diplomate of the american board of oral and maxillofacial radiology
  • jeanine j. stabulas-savage, rdh, bs, mph, associate clinical professor of radiology

master the content from your textbook with this helpful study tool! corresponding to the chapters in radiology for the dental professional, 9th edition, by herbert h. frommer, dds, and jeanine j. stabulas, rdh, bs, mph, this study guide helps you understand concepts and apply your knowledge to the clinical setting. after you have read and reviewed each chapter in the textbook, you can assess your comprehension with a wide range of engaging activities, exercises, and test questions.

new to this edition

  • 125 new practice questions.

key features

  • educational objectives are included at the beginning of each chapter, helping you focus on essential concepts and how they apply in a clinical setting.
  • activities test your comprehension of the material, and include:
    • definitions of key terms
    • short essay questions
    • matching questions
    • illustration labeling and identification
    • fill-in-the-blank questions
    • multiple-choice questions
    • true/false questions
  • illustrations (many of which are found only in the study guide) ask you to identify errors and anomalies found on radiographs.
  • perforated pages may be easily removed and placed in a notebook with lectures notes or submitted to the instructor.

cone beam ct and 3d imaging a practical guide

cone beam ct and 3d imagingby

  • pietro caruso
  • enzo silvestri
  • luca maria sconfienza

cone beam computed tomography (cbct) has become the standard of reference in dental imaging. the distribution of cbct devices is increasingly wide, and the number of required examinations is constantly growing. in this setting, it is now essential that medical and technical staff receive specific training in the use of cbct and that technical guidelines for cbct examinations are established.

this clearly structured book on cbct will be an ideal aid in daily clinical practice. it clearly explains basic cbct anatomy, examination technique, and the use of 3d reformatting software. a wide range of cases are presented, covering the most frequent and relevant conditions and pathologies, including dental anomalies, inflammatory and degenerative disease, tumors, and implants.

  • small size and clear structure, ideal for use in daily clinical practice
  • strong support for daily activities of the radiographer
  • practical aid for dentists and radiologists in 3d reformat and imaging interpretation
  • wide cases presentation focused on the most frequent and relevant pathologies

gold essentials of dental radiography and radiology 5th edition

essentials of dental radiography and radiologyby

  • eric whaites, msc bds(hons) fdsrcs(edin) fdsrcs(eng) frcr ddrrcr, senior lecturer and honorary consultant in dental and maxillofacial radiology, head of the unit of dental and maxillofacial radiological imaging, king’s college london dental institute at guy’s, king’s college and st thomas’ hospitals, london, uk
  • nicholas drage, bds(hons) fdsrcs(eng) fdsrcps(glas) ddrrcr, consultant and honorary senior lecturer in dental and maxillofacial radiology, university dental hospital, cardiff and vale university health board, cardiff, uk

new edition of a popular textbook of dental radiography and radiology for undergraduate and post-graduate dental students and general dental practitioners the volume is now available with an all new online self assessment questions and answers module and an online, regularly updated, summary of the current uk ionising radiation legislation and guidance on good practice for all dental practitioners as well as a summary of the latest uk guidance in relation to the use of cone beam ct (cbct) equipment. the self assessment questions have been specially prepared for each of the 32 chapters to enable students to assess their own knowledge and understanding as they prepare for examinations. these include a mixture of single best answer and multiple correct answer questions, drag and drop identification of radiological anatomy as well as new examples of various pathological conditions to enable practice of diagnostic skills.

new to this edition

  • an online, regularly updated, summary of the current uk ionising radiation legislation and guidance on good practice for all dental practitioners as well as a summary of the latest uk guidance in relation to the use of cone beam ct (cbct) equipment
  • an all new online self assessment questions and answers module. questions have been specially prepared for each of the 32 chapters to enable students to assess their own knowledge and understanding as they prepare for examinations. these include a mixture of single best answer and multiple correct answer questions, drag and drop identification of radiological anatomy as well as new examples of various pathological conditions to enable practice of diagnostic skills.
  • includes a new chapter on cone beam technology and numerous examples of advanced imaging throughout the book

key features

  • provides a comprehensive account of the radiology and radiography topics usually examined at undergraduate and postgraduate level
  • clear and accessible approach to the subject makes learning especially easy
  • more than 1100 illustrations – many of them updated – present clinical, diagnostic and practical information in an accessible manner
  • contains recent classifications and advanced imaging modalities including cone beam ct imaging techniques