mrcog part one part 1 your essential revision guide

alison fiander


fully updated to reflect changes to the curriculum and question format since publication of the original edition, this book is essential reading for all part 1 mrcog candidates. a chapter has been added to mirror the new curriculum domain of data interpretation. edited by experienced rcog examiners and written by contributors to the rcog's revision course, this comprehensive textbook provides extensive coverage of all curriculum areas covered by the part 1 examination (the basic sciences which are vital to the clinical practice of obstetrics and gynaecology). fully illustrated in colour throughout to aid understanding, this is the one textbook that every part 1 candidate should own. the content is complementary to rcog's elearning programme stratog ( which offers a range of products to support training and professional development in obstetrics and gynaecology, including banks of single best answer (sba) questions that offer candidates invaluable practice at tackling this demanding more

part 3 mrcog your essential revision guide

lisa joels


written by two experienced rcog examiners, both of whom have been involved in the development of the new part 3 mrcog examination, this book is essential reading for any trainee preparing to sit the exam. the authors clearly describe the breadth and depth of the curriculum modules and the professional behaviours that will be assessed in the five clinical skills domains. the text includes written examples of every module, links to eight videos showing candidates attempting four real part 3 tasks, examiners' comments, and a detailed discussion of each example. the content will help candidates understand what is required to pass the examination and how to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to best effect. the book will also be useful for trainers preparing their trainees for the new exam. based on the principles of good medical practice, there are practical tips here for doctors and obstetricians at all more

single best answers for mrcog part 2

brian a. magowan


passing the mrcog part 2 exam is essential to complete further training in o&g, both in the uk and for many doctors across the world. there are two annual sittings in the uk, plus the candidates sitting in bangaldesh, egypt, hong kong, india, iraq, jordan, malaysia, pakistan, saudi arabia, sudan, uae, west indies and china. it is a notoriously difficult exam, with a pass rate of c. 20%. from march 2015 there will be a change to one of the two written papers for mrcog part 2. * single best answer questions (sbas) a new format – worth 40% of the total part 2 mark. this book consists of 200 questions in the new sba exam format, and will present a question followed by a detailed answer and more

mcqs and short answer questions for mrcog an aid to revision and self assessment

david m. luesley

this volume of practise true/false mcqs and short answer questions is intended to be used by the trainee obstetrician and gynaecologist as a self-assessment aid throughout training and during revision for the mrcog examination, in particular part 2. questions have been carefully designed to test both theoretical and practical knowledge, and are representative of the curricular elements highlighted within the rcog trainee logbook.

mrcog ii short essay questions

parveen abedin

mrcog short essay questions is the essential aid for all trainees studying for the membership examination of the royal college of obstetricians and gynaecologists. this book contains 150 short essay questions, clearly structured to facilitate both learning and practice. questions are divided primarily into obstetrics and gynaecology and secondly by main topics such as infertility, operative gynaecology and antenatal care. the answers are written in the form of bullet points; a format that not only clearly identifies the key points but also emulates the structure of the model answers given to the examiners by the rcog. khaldoun sharif is a consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology at the birmingham women's hospital, and has a proven track record as an author of mrcog revision books. his co-author, parveen abedin recently passed the examination and has therefore provided invaluable insights that have ensured the content is both appropriate and up-to-date.

part 2 mrcog single best answers questions

andrew sizer

part 2 mrcog: sba questions contains invaluable preparation and practice for candidates undertaking the royal college of obstetricians and gynaecologists part 2 mrcog examination. it contains 400 practice questions written by a highly experienced team of mrcog question writers, alongside detailed answers referencing each question to either an rcog, nice or who guideline, or an article in the professional journal ‘the obstetrician & gynaecologist’. this will enable candidates to understand the reasoning and knowledge base behind the question, as well as giving them a clear reference should they wish to read further around the subject.

the first part of the book introduces and explains the new format of the part 2 mrcog exam, giving insightful advice on the skills required to write a good sba question. the second part of the book contains chapters matched to the 15 of the 19 modules of the core curriculum, giving a comprehensive range of questions and answers with detailed explanations and references. for anyone preparing for the part 2 mrcog exam, this book will provide extensive and comprehensive practice and guidance from an expert author team.

practice osces in obstetrics gynaecology a guide for the medical student and mranzcog exams 1e

by 41jhl9ft3yl

  • gareth weston (author),
  • beverly vollenhoven mb bs(hons) phd franzcog crei (author),
  • jane mcneilage (author)


osce examinations are compulsory for medical students and specialist trainees. the student is led through a clinical scenario and then assessed on examination, history taking, investigation, diagnosis and management. some students are able to practice osces with a teacher acting as the patient, however not all candidates have equal/sufficient access to teachers as such a resource. this often leads to examination candidates not being prepared for the osce exam format, performing poorly compared with written paper examinations. the proposed book will cover an approach to passing the osce as well as 60 practice questions. each case will have a sample marking scheme. after the marking scheme there will be a discussion and key points/pitfalls section


gynaecological ultrasound in clinical practice ultrasound imaging in the management of gynaecological conditions

by gynaecological ultrasound

  • davor jurkovic (author, editor),
  • lil valentin (author),
  • sanjay vyas (author),
  • valentin lil (editor),
  • vyas sanjay (editor)


the use of ultrasound imaging in gynaecology goes well beyond simple picture recognition. a skilful gynaecological sonographer will bring together scan findings and the clinical scenario to enhance patient care. this leads to targeted investigations and, just as importantly, to strategies for non-intervention. this book covers all aspects of the use of ultrasound and also includes chapters on clinical gynaecology, to assist in making the best possible use of the technology.


obstetrics and gynaecology an evidence based text for mrcog 2e

by obstetrics and gynaecology

  • david m. luesley (editor),
  • philip n baker (editor)

obstetrics and gynaecology: an evidence-based text for mrcog is an indispensable textbook for trainees preparing for the mrcog examination and beyond.

  • based on the 2009 rcog curriculum
  • mrcog standards and the relevant theoretical and practical skills required clearly highlighted at the start of each chapter
  • focused on the evidence-base for treatments with evidence scoring, published guidelines and key references
  • accessible, digestible chapters with summaries, key points, tables and illustrative material

this second edition of this innovative textbook provides all the information required by the obstetrics and gynaecology trainee and specialist during training and in preparation for the mrcog examination.

sub-sections within obstetrics, gynaecology and a general section are divided in line with the rcog trainee logbook. the text is consistently structured throughout to ensure ease of reference with standardized headings including definitions, incidence, aetiology, incidence, investigations and management.

recommendations for medical, surgical, psychological and complementary treatment and diagnostic tests are all subject to appraisal of the supporting evidence which is rated from a-e according to rcog guidelines.

the section editors and editors are renowned in the field and have close affiliations with the rcog.