obesity medicine management of obesity in womens health care

robert k. silverman


the first text to comprehensively address both the gynecologic and obstetrical care of the obese patient obesity for the obgyn is the first reference that provides clinicians with the tools needed to manage care and minimize risk complications for their obese patients. clinically focused and evidence based, this groundbreaking text devotes equal amount of coverage to obstetric and gynecologic care. the book concludes with a valuable section devoted to related conditions (sleep apnea, heart disease, osteoarthritis, etc.) that would further impact patient care. both the obstetric and gynecologic sections include care checklists, management algorithms, key points, and other tools for a more practical reference. this is the first major text to address this continually growing epidemic. it offers convenient templated chapter presentation.show more

frontiers in gynecological endocrinology 2016 pediatric and adolescent gynecological endocrinology volume 4

andrea r. genazzani


this volume provides a comprehensive, up-to-date overview on pediatric and adolescent gynecological endocrinology. it covers a very wide range of topics with a particular focus on disorders of sex differentiation, pubertal maturation, growth disorders, primary and secondary amenorrhea, menstrual disorders in adolescents and young adults, sexuality, contraception, and pregnancy. the authors are international well-known experts who document the latest clinical experience in this continuously evolving field and provide practical guidance on the evaluation and treatment of female pubertal problems. the book is published within the international society of gynecological endocrinology (isge) series and is based on the 2015 international school of gynecological and reproductive endocrinology (isgre) summer course. it will be an invaluable reference for gynecologists, endocrinologists, pediatricians, and experts in women's health.show more

essentials of menopause management 2017 a case based approach

lubna pal


removing the shroud of complexity that had engulfed the field of menopause research and management for more than a decade, this unique, case-based resource discusses a range of topics relevant to the reproductive health of the aging female. the opening section includes chapters covering the symptomatology, epidemiology and impact of the menopausal burden, and reviews in depth the most current evidence on the efficacy, risks and benefits of pharmacological and alternative therapies. utilizing vibrant case material, the second section details common symptoms of menopause and an individualized approach to management, such as sleep loss, skeletal fragility, sexual dysfunction, hirsutism and alopecia, primary ovarian insufficiency and failure, and vasomotor symptoms. chapters reviewing therapeutic options and considerations tailored to gynecologic and breast cancer patients and survivors comprise the third and final section.
developed as a multidisciplinary collaboration and addressing the needs of practicing reproductive medicine clinicians and researchers providing care to an aging female population, essentials of menopause management provides clear, up-to-date information and recommendations on the range of current treatment strategies for menopause and its symptoms.show more

colposcopy of female genital tract 2017

sumita mehta


this book aims to promote awareness of and highlight the screening modalities and various treatment options available for the management of cervical pre-invasive lesions. cervical cancer is the leading cause of malignancy among women worldwide, and deaths due to cervical cancer represent a global health problem. yet the risk of cervical malignancy can be decreased substantially if the premalignant conditions of the cervix are recognized and treated in a timely manner. colposcopy is the gold standard for the diagnosis of cervical dysplasia. accordingly, the book details the fundamentals of colposcopy and colposcopic assessment of the normal and abnormal cervix. with preventive oncology taking front stage, colposcopy has become one of the most important diagnostic tools available. with chapters contributed by respected experts in this field, the book offers vital insights into colposcopy and an essential guide to comprehensive strategies for the early detection of cervical cancer. the main text is complemented by ample illustrations for clarity and a better understanding of the subject.
case discussions on various clinical scenarios will further ensure good clinical practices, which will in turn translate into reduced risk of cervical cancer.show more

bio psycho social obstetrics and gynecology 2017 a competency oriented approach

k. marieke paarlberg


this book will assist the reader by providing individually tailored, high-quality bio-psycho-social care to patients with a wide range of problems within the fields of obstetrics, gynaecology, fertility, oncology, and sexology. each chapter addresses a particular theme, issue, or situation in a problem-oriented and case-based manner that emphasizes the differences between routine and bio-psycho-social care. relevant facts and figures are presented, advice is provided regarding the medical, psychological, and caring process, and contextual aspects are discussed. the book offers practical tips and actions within the bio-psycho-social approach, and highlights important do's and don'ts. to avoid a strict somatic thinking pattern, the importance of communication, multidisciplinary collaboration, and creation of a working alliance with the patient is emphasized. the book follows a consistent format, designed to meet the needs of challenged clinicians.show more

office care of women

martin olsen


office care of women covers a wide range of topics which are pertinent to the provision of excellent healthcare. common gynecologic topics are discussed in depth, as well as non-gynecologic medical conditions which are frequently faced by female patients. this book is designed as a single source reference which covers the majority of topics seen by clinicians as they care for women patients in the office setting. the fifty chapters include topics unique to female patients but also include other health conditions which are affected by the patient's gender. the authors of this book span six specialties and three continents thereby giving the reader a comprehensive source of information to improve the healthcare of women.show more

a practical guide to vulval disease diagnosis and management

fiona m lewis


this book is a practical guide to the diagnosis and management of vulval disorders. it offers guidance for all those who are treating patients with vulval disease at trainee and specialist level, helping to improve management for the patient and prevent delays in diagnosis, including referrals to specialists. it contains key information about diagnosis, investigation and basic management, with a section on signs and symptoms guides the reader to the correct chapter for the treatment of that disease. the experienced authors include updated classification and terminology of vulval disease with an explanation of how this should be useful in clinical practice and guidance as to when the patient should be referred on to a specialist. as vulval diseases are different to those of the rest of the skin patients with vulval disease present a large unmet need, often with delays in diagnosis due to a lack of training from physicians. this practical guide provides the specialist knowledge required for diagnosis and treatment of these conditions.show more

vulvar pain 2017 from childhood to old age

alessandra graziottin


this book offers detailed coverage of all aspects of vulvar pain in age groups from children to the elderly, with a particular focus on factors that precipitate or maintain the pain. guidance is provided on diagnosis and treatment, and careful consideration is given to special circumstances associated with vulvar pain, including childbirth, recurrent cystitis, female genital mutilation, medical comorbidities, and sexual comorbidities in both partners. vulvar pain of neurogenic and iatrogenic origin is also fully discussed. two innovative chapters present case reports highly relevant to clinical practice and address outstanding issues, including controversies and difficulties in terminology, initial triggers, the role of stress, psychogenic causes, and misuse and abuse. the book is exceptional in covering vulvar pain throughout the human life span and in a wide range of situations, and it will be of value to all who are involved in management of the condition.show more

obstetrics gynaecology an evidence based text for mrcog

david m. luesley


modelled after the current mrcog curriculum, the new edition of this bestselling book provides all the information a specialist registrar in obstetrics and gynaecology or senior house officer needs during training or when preparing for the mrcog examination. obstetrics & gynaecology: an evidence-based text for mrcog covers the latest professional guidelines and developments in obstetrics and gynaecology and continues to provide an easily accessible source of information for those practising as specialists. the book's subsections within obstetrics and gynaecology are divided in line with the rcog trainee logbook. the text is consistently structured throughout to ensure ease of reference with standardized headings including definitions, incidence, aetiology, investigations and management. focusing on standards and an evidence-based approach, each chapter includes material on mrcog standards in an easy-to-consult format. information on evidence-based medicine is also included to provide a rapid summary of the evidence relating to the interventions and treatments discussed.
this text will continue to be an invaluable companion to the higher training of obstetricians and gynaecologists and a useful ready reference for those in established practice.show more

androgens in gynecological practice

jr. leo plouffe, m.d.; m.d. botros r. m. b. rizk
>a practical approach to the field of androgen excess or deprivation in women’s health. the content includes multiple viewpoints on the most common disorders in this class, such as polycystic ovary disease, hirsutism and menopausal issues. each chapter provides a combination of long-lasting clinical principles in the diagnosis and management of these patients along with a state-of-the-art review. this text takes an innovative approach to uncommon conditions (e.g. congenital adrenal hyperplasia, transgender conditions). in addition to presenting clinical insights, and a review of the basic science underpinning these conditions, it focuses on key concepts that can be derived from these rare conditions to the entire field. this book is an essential addition to the library for any busy clinician who is looking for a practical reference guide but also for the sub-specialist who is looking for new and thought-provoking insights in this complex scientific area.

managing the menopause 21st century solutions

nick panay


since the women's health initiative report of 2002, there has been reluctance to provide women with hormone replacement therapy due to a lack of clarity about the potential risks. this book reviews all aspects of the menopause and places the benefits and risks of hormone therapy into perspective. it fully informs the reader regarding the evidence base of all aspects of menopause medicine and can be used either as a reference book to solve specific problems, or as a book to be read cover-to-cover. it will provide the reader with the latest information and as a result encourage confidence in managing menopause related problems. this practical, evidence-based guide is suitable for all health professionals managing the menopause including gynaecologists, sexual and reproductive medicine specialists, general practitioners and trainees in any of the above specialties.show more

the vulva a practical handbook for clinicians

gayle fischer


this practical handbook reviews the important, but complex, area of vulval disease and will help busy clinicians help their patients. the authors have a fresh and evidence-based approach to dealing with everything from common to rare vulval conditions. their take on vulvodynia and dyspareunia represents an important breakthrough in the understanding of vulval pain. the first edition of this book appeared in 2010, at a time when there was very little published evidence on vulval disease. the entire text has been updated in line with modern practice. a reading list and references are included at the end of each chapter. there is further information on management, particularly in the field of long-term treatment of lichen sclerosus and on newly described conditions. the text is designed for gynaecologists and dermatologists but will also be readily understandable to primary care and family practice physicians, nurse practitioners and others working in women's health.show more

ruptured uterus

gowri dorairajan


the main focus of this book is on ruptured uterus which is a potentially fatal complication during pregnancy. the risk factors and clinical presentation of ruptured uterus vary widely. this book gives an insight into the various possible causes and their presentation. this book aims to sensitize the practicing obstetricians about the need for high level of caution in the deceptive scenarios. the readers would be able to translate the clinical experience and shelf knowledge into every day practice. the cases with similar risks and background will be compiled together under one chapter and at the end of each chapter key points will be highlighted.show more

burghardts primary care colposcopy textbook and atlas 2nd edition

518-cy5oselby olaf reich (author), frank girardi (author), karl tamussino (author)


like the successful first edition, the great strength of this completely revised and updated second edition of burghardt’s primary care colposcopy is its oversized, high-quality color colposcopic photographs. novice and experienced examining practitioners will appreciate the utility of these diagnosticquality images in making confident assessments regarding the appearance of the cervix as seen in colposcopy. all requisite information for the successful implementation of this standard gynecologic procedure – histopathologic processes, fundamentals of colposcopic technique and examination, equipment, terminology, documentation, and standard guidelines – is encompassed in this concise and practical textbook and atlas.

augmentations and highlights of the second revised and updated edition:

  • more than 350 oversized, high-quality color colposcopic photographs and technical illustrations – 20% of which are new to the second edition
  • updated information on the central role of the human papillomavirus (hpv) in cervical cancer and the development of preventative hpv vaccines
  • essential new chapters on colposcopy of the vulva, vagina, and perianal region and the common etiology of lesions at these sites
  • cohesive concept, organization and presentation – produced and authored by a working team of three experts with decades of experience in gynecology and histopathology
  • current international guidelines and updated nomenclature formulated by the international federation for cervical pathology and colposcopy (ifcpc) with the international society for the study of vulvar disease (issvd) and the 2014 who classification of tumors of female reproductive organs

primary care practitioners, nurse practitioners, residents/fellows-in-training in gynecologic oncology programs, and gynecologists and obstetricians in practice will prize burghardt’s primary care colposcopy as an indispensable partner in accessing colposcopic findings, in reaching the right differential diagnosis, and in achieving the best possible treatment outcomes with assurance and efficiency.

uterine endometrial function 2016

hideharu kanzaki


this book focuses on uterine endometrial function and receptivity from multiple perspectives. the chapters cover a variety of topics including the role of estrogen and progesterone, animal models, parameters for assessing endometrial receptivity, the mechanism of angiogenesis, epigenetic regulation, and stem/progenitor cells. despite nearly 35 years of experience with in vitro fertilization, the rate of successful implantations remains low. abnormal endometrial receptivity has been proposed as one of the factors contributing to reduced reproductive potential in women, but our understanding of it is limited. endometrial receptivity results from an orchestrated interplay between the embryo and the maternal endometrium, and the receptive status, known as the window of implantation, is reached only briefly in the mid-luteal phase. this book provides a comprehensive overview of the latest advances in endometrial function and paves the way for innovative treatments and drug development for infertility. this work will appeal to a wide readership, from researchers on endometrial function and assisted reproductive technology (art) to clinicians and technicians in the field of gynecology.show more

tobacco cessation and substance abuse treatment in womens healthcare 2016 a clinical guide

byron c. calhoun


this book is a comprehensive guide to the screening, management, and treatment of female patients with addictions. there are a range of clinical issues specific to women with substance use disorders and substance abuse during pregnancy is known to have deleterious effects on neonates. this book focuses on the effective care of the addicted patient and discusses novel outpatient therapy, therapeutic substitution, abstinence therapy, and the importance of counseling in the delivery of care. topics include the physiology of nicotine, opiates, etoh, and other substances of abuse; the role of receptors and neurotransmitters in addiction; the effects of tobacco and substance abuse on women' s health; and tobacco cessation methods. featuring practical approaches to gender-responsive treatment, tobacco cessation and substance abuse in women's healthcare is a valuable resource for obstetricians, gynecologists, family medicine practitioners, and residents hoping to expand their knowledge of tobacco cessation and substance abuse in women's health.show more

puberty 2017 physiology and abnormalities

ashok agarwal


bringing together the latest knowledge on the growth and development of children and the most important abnormalities of puberty, this comprehensive text presents the current views on the pathogenesis, diagnostic possibilities and therapeutic options of the main deviations from the normal course of puberty (e.g., precocious and delayed puberty). the chain of physical and hormonal changes in the transitional years is carefully followed, including the regulation of the hypothalamic pulse generator as well as the timing of puberty. further topics include growth disturbances, adolescent varicocele, adolescent gynecomastia, polycystic ovary syndrome, pubertal acne, and the psychosocial development of adolescents with pubertal abnormalities. written and edited by internationally noted experts, puberty will be an excellent resource for pediatricians, endocrinologists, gynecologists, andrologists, urologists, family practitioners, child psychologists and public health specialists – all those who will be challenged in their everyday practice with the problems of puberty.show more

management of sexual dysfunction in men and women 2016 an interdisciplinary approach

larry i. lipshultz


this book provides a comprehensive, state-of-the art review of the intersection of male and female reproductive and sexual health. the text comprehensively discusses the evaluation and management of physical, genetic, and psychological causes of male and female sexual dysfunction. discussion of treatment focuses on current medical and surgical psychosexual therapies in both the male and female. the book highlights erectile, ejaculatory, and orgasmic disorders in the male; desire, arousal and orgasmic disorders in the female; and an integrated approach to the couple. lifestyle modifications through diet and exercise and optimization of anthropomorphic characteristics are also discussed, including a holistic approach to these disorders that goes beyond a focus on the genital system alone. sexual dysfunction in men and women: an interdisciplinary approach serves as a resource for physicians and researchers interested in sexual medicine seeking a comprehensive overview of the practice and novel research in the field.show more

handbook of consult and inpatient gynecology 2016

paula c. brady


this handbook is a concise and evidence-based reference for common gynecologic consults, inpatient management, and postoperative complications. written in response to the contemporary gynecology training environment, it addresses the needs of residents, with the objective of optimizing patient safety and outcomes. the book is organized to address calls and consults in the areas of gynecologic disorders and inpatient management. in addition to common issues of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and vaginal bleeding, it delves extensively into postoperative complications that are relevant to the fields of benign gynecology, gynecologic oncology, urogynecology, and reproductive endocrinology. differential diagnoses, pertinent physical examination techniques, laboratory and imaging findings, and management steps are presented for each patient complaint. handbook of consult and inpatient gynecology is a high-yield guide to diagnosis and management of common gynecologic problems for residents and clinicians.show more

abnormal female puberty 2016 a clinical casebook

heather l. appelbaum


comprised exclusively of clinical cases covering abnormal female puberty and its clinical management, this concise, practical casebook will provide clinicians in reproductive endocrinology, gynecology and pediatrics with the best real-world strategies to properly diagnose and treat the various forms of the condition they may encounter. each chapter is a case that opens with a unique clinical presentation, followed by a description of the diagnosis, assessment and management techniques used to treat it, as well as the case outcome and clinical pearls and pitfalls. cases included illustrate different causes of abnormal puberty as well as management strategies, including congenital anomalies, endocrine disorders, issues of constitutional delay, obesity, eating disorders, ovarian cancer and the effect of pharmacology, among others. pragmatic and reader-friendly, abnormal female puberty: a clinical casebook will be an excellent resource for reproductive endocrinologists, gynecologists and pediatricians alike.show more

pediatrics examination and board review

andrew peterson; kelly wood
>an engagingly written, case-based review for the pediatrics board exam

mcgraw-hill education specialty board review: pediatrics is the perfect resource to help you prepare for the american board of pediatrics (abp) certification or recertification examination. written in a refreshing conversational tone, this unique review utilizes a case-based presentation that includes questions, answers, and discussion. numerous tables, figures, and photographs encapsulate important information and make it easier for readers to study and remember. the content is weighted to match the board exam so you can focus on what you really need to know for the highest score possible.

. the 35 chapters in the book correspond to the 35 sections of the abp content specifications

. each chapter is written by specialists in the topic

. comprehensive final exam appears at the end of the book

. great as clinical refresher

. each question is referenced to chapter content for more in-depth study

williams gynecology

claudia l. werner


gain a better understanding of the basic principles of gynecology presented in williams gynecology, third edition with this full-color study guide directly derived from the content of williams gynecology, third edition, this authoritative study guide is designed to assess your understanding and retention of the acclaimed, evidence-based coverage of the parent text. here, you will find everything you need for an efficient chapter-by-chapter review of the text material. featuring a full-color, open design, the study guide contains more than 2,000 review questions with clinical vignettes, an answer key that includes corresponding textbook page numbers to aid further study, and hundreds of precise images to sharpen your visual diagnosis skills.
the most rigorous gynecology summary available: * new color images included as question material * new clinical case questions assess your ability to apply the content to real-world patient encounters * more than 2,000 evidence-based multiple-choice questions cover every major topic in clinical gynecology – includes a mix of straight q&a and clinical vignettes * answer key provides the correct answer and cites page numbers in williams gynecology, third edition, to prompt in-depth discussion and continued study * coverage spans reproductive endocrinology and infertility, female pelvic medicine, reconstructive surgery, and gynecologic oncology claudia l. werner, md, debra l. richardson, md, facog, facs, stephanie y. chang, md, william f. griffith, md; cherine a. hamid, md, david d. rahn, md, elysia moschos, md, barbara l. hoffman, md are affiliated with the department of obstetrics and gynecology, university of texas southwestern medical center and parkland memorial hospital, dallas, texas.show more

johns hopkins manual of gynecology and obstetrics

jessica l. bienstock

from the department of gynecology and obstetrics at the johns hopkins university school of medicine comes the fifth edition of this outstanding resource. the johns hopkins manual of gynecology and obstetrics is your on-the-spot reference for virtually any situation you'll face in obstetrics, high-risk obstetrics, gynecology, reproductive endocrinology, infertility, and gynecologic oncology. it's also highly effective as a review tool for certification or recertification exams. find information quickly with an easy-to-use outline format, modeled after the washington manual[registered] of medical therapeutics. you can: stay up to date with new information on minimally invasive surgical techniques; new diagnostic tools; and recent advances in conception, infertility, genetics, and prenatal diagnosis. it provides more effective patient care with a newly revised primary care chapter that reflects current practice standards and a new chapter on patient safety. benefit from the knowledge and expertise of residents and attending physicians in obstetrics and gynecology at the johns hopkins university.
you can trust the manual that's been used with confidence for more than 15 years by house officers, medical students, and practitioners who deal with obstetric and gynecologic diseases and disorders. now with the print edition, enjoy the bundled interactive ebook edition, offering tablet, smartphone, or online access to: complete content with enhanced navigation; powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that pull results from content in the book, your notes, and even the web; cross-linked pages, references, and more for easy navigation; highlighting tool for easier reference of key content throughout the text; ability to take and share notes with friends and colleagues; and, quick reference tabbing to save your favorite content for future use.

case files obstetrics and gynecology

eugene c. toy

sharpen your critical thinking skills and improve patient care. experience with clinical cases is key to mastering the art and science of medicine and ultimately to providing patients with competent clinical care. case files(r): obstetrics & gynecology provides 60 true-to-life cases that illustrate essential concepts in obstetrics and gynecology. each case includes an easy-to-understand discussion correlated to key concepts, definitions of key terms, clinical pearls, and usmle[registered]-style review questions to reinforce your learning. with case files[registered], you'll learn instead of memorize. you will: learn from 60 high-yield cases, each with board-style questions; master key concepts with clinical pearls; cement your knowledge with 25 new integrated challenge questions; polish your approach to clinical problem solving and to patient care. it is perfect for medical students, physician assistant students, nurse midwife and nurse practitioner students.

comprehensive gynecology 7th edition

rogerio a. lobo

the primary gynecology text for over 25 years, comprehensive gynecology covers all of the key issues residents, specialists, primary care doctors, and other healthcare providers encounter in everyday practice. this 7th edition has been fully updated to include a wealth of new content, including current discussions of minimally invasive surgical approaches to gynecologic care, infertility issues and treatments, effectively managing menopausal patients, and more. written in a clear, concise and evidence-based style, it offers the practical, in-depth coverage you need to remain at the forefront of your field.

llewellyn jones fundamentals of obstetrics gynaecology 10th edition

suzanne abraham

the tenth edition of llewellyn-jones fundamentals of obstetrics and gynaecology carries on the mission of derek llewellyn-jones (encapsulated in the first edition of this book, published in 1969) to support the who’s target to ensure women worldwide have good healthcare, safe deliveries and healthy children. in his words: ‘it is our hope to continue to meet the needs of today’s medical students and students of nursing and midwifery; and to encourage self-learning skills while providing essential information in a readable manner’. intervention rates continue to climb; women in the developed world embark on pregnancy later in life and with more complex medical disorders. the need to know and apply the best available standards of care is ever more critical. the tenth edition brings this highly regarded book completely up to date whilst retaining its characteristic concision and readability.

primary ovarian insufficiency 2016 a clinical guide to early menopause

nanette f. santoro

presenting the most current and relevant information on the diagnosis and management of primary ovarian insufficiency, also known as premature ovarian failure (poi/pof), this book presents two equally important voices. the first is the scientific, evidence-based voice discussing the latest information on poi/pof in a concise and logical fashion: etiologies, symptoms, genetics, mechanisms, associated conditions, as well as psychological and lifestyle considerations. the second voice presents the first-person stories of affected women, who are often faced with a diagnosis of irreversible infertility at a very young age and who somehow learn to live with great uncertainty about their ability to create a family – a core identity issue for many women. it is thus not simply a clinical, case-based presentation, but a more collaborative effort between clinicians who are well-versed in the field and women who have poi/pof. primary ovarian insufficiency: a clinical guide to early menopause will therefore be an excellent practical yet personal reference for ob/gyns, reproductive medicine specialists, and any clinician, nurse or health care worker treating women living with poi/pof.

womens heart and estrogens

genovefa d. kolovou

cardiovascular mortality in women is more frequent than breast cancer mortality, a fact which is often overlooked. women’s heart and estrogens explores this important women’s health issue with respect to estrogen levels (before and after menopause) as the hormone has been known to mediate cardiovascular effects in women. the handbook includes a description of the structure and biological activity of estrogen and follows up with a detailed reference on the genetics behind estrogen and its effect on the cardiovascular system. subsequent chapters cover the effects of estrogens on the stages of atherogenesis, actions of estrogens on the vascular wall and on cardiovascular metabolic pathways, causes leading to the development of early onset of coronary heart disease in young women (such as vasculitis and autoimmune diseases)[obaid ur rahman1] , hypercoagulable states, myocardial infarction in hallucinogenic drug abusers, non-atherosclerotic and atherosclerotic coronary heart disease, hormone replacement therapy and postmenopausal risk factors. medical professionals will also find handy guidelines for cardiovascular disease prevention in women.women’s heart and estrogens offers knowledge to readers in a clear and simple manner with detailed images and summaries in each chapter. guidelines are also presented in a chronological context which demonstrates the development of cardiovascular disease prevention and risk management strategies for women over the years.

this item is non-returnable.

basic sciences for obstetrics and gynaecology core material for mrcog part 1

austin ugwumadu
>this textbook takes a new, dynamic approach to the basic sciences in obstetrics and gynaecology. it teaches candidates all they need to know for the mrcog part 1 examination by extending the understanding of the basic medical sciences and their relevance to obstetrics and gynaecology. like conventional textbooks it teaches what is ‘true’, but it also what is ‘false’, and why. the most complex concepts are discussed in a problem-based format so that the relevant basic sciences are taught and drawn together in context.


gynaecology prepare for the mrcog

philip n baker

gynaecology is a new e-book presenting a collection of key articles from obstetrics, gynaecology and reproductive medicine, mapped by module to the mrcog part 2 exam.

as well as mapping to the mrcog, the inkling version of this e-book also enables anyone with a short-term interest in a specific area to buy individual articles at a price-point which will give affordable access to all readers (from medical students to gps and practitioners in related areas, such a genitourinary medicine). inkling’s app-like quality of user experience on mobiles, tablets and laptops will be an added bonus for learning on the move. as well as being vital preparation for the mrcog exam, this material is also ideal for life-long learning, cpd and, indeed, preparation for all post-graduate exams in obstetrics (not just mrcog), including especially the new ebcog exam in europe and local college exams in india.[the middle east and africa.

the parent journal is a rolling, continuously updated review of gyanecology over a three-year cycle covering all the important topics for the mrcog part 2 exam. its editorial board comprises some of europe’s most influential specialists and includes, among others, the current presidents of figo and ebcog, as well as the past president of the royal college of obstetrics and gynaecology. the journal’s articles are refreshed, updated, augmented or replaced as appropriate each time the subject is due for revision to provide a concise overview of knowledge and practice core to the curriculum. each article is written by invited experts and overseen by the relevant subject specialist on the board. there is a trainee on the board too, ensuring relevance and accessibility to exam candidates.

  • inkling version gives a highly attractive, app-like user experience, enabling much easier, more pleasurable use of the content on smartphones, tablets and laptops for learning on the move.
  • affordable chapter-level purchase on inkling version opens out the journal’s authority and expertise to all interested users (medical students, family clinicians, genitourinary specialists and all other related specialties).
  • derived from top-notch authoritative content from the ogrm journal.
  • overseen by a world-class editorial board of experts, which includes the presidents of figo, ebcog and past president of the rcog.
  • a trainee representative on the editorial board ensures relevance and accessibility for exam candidates.
  • relevant to all post-graduate exams, including the new ebcog exam and college exams in india, the middle east and africa.
  • highly appropriate content for life-long learning, personal development portfolios and cpd.