atlas of pediatric cardiac surgery 2015

constantine mavroudis


the raison d'etre for a new atlas of congenital heart surgery is based on the reality that the specialty has undergone numerous changes in the last few years resulting in improved techniques and new operations. the sheer number of new procedures and the required attendant technical skills to successfully complete an operation has become a challenge to master, especially for residents who are pursuing a career in congenital heart surgery. while the techniques that we are espousing are mostly our own, there is a great deal of similarity amongst international centers owing to the influence of video presentations, manuscript publications, and chapter reviews. we therefore believe that the techniques that are illustrated in this atlas are likely to be similar to the techniques that are taught worldwide to residents and fellows. the atlas is organized generally by diseases and procedures pertaining thereto. two general sections involve cannulation techniques and palliative procedures, respectively.
a special section depicts difficult problems in the form of clinical vignettes that may arise during cardiopulmonary bypass such as: decreased venous return, undiagnosed patent ductus arteriosus, and technical errors leading to hemodynamic complications. the reader is instructed to apply measures that will lead to resolution of these problems. we have chosen procedures, which cover the breadth of congenital heart surgery. while perhaps not totally inclusive, the reader will find the greater majority of congenital heart procedures illustrated and explained in this more

the sages manual of pediatric minimally invasive surgery

danielle s. walsh


this manual provides a comprehensive, state-of-the art review of this field, and will serve as a valuable resource for adult and pediatric surgeons at all stages of experience with interest in the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques in children. this book will review the pediatric surgical disorders that are currently treatable with these techniques. after a basic summary of the disorder, the preoperative evaluation and preparation is presented. each chapter focuses on a detailed discussion of the surgical procedure, inclusive of anesthesia, positioning, instrumentation, and materials. emphasis is placed on technique and tips for particularly challenging aspects of the operation. a description of the expected postoperative course and common complications of each procedure follows. the outcomes literature to include any advances since the original outcomes and expected future advances for the diagnosis and procedure is presented. it provides a concise yet comprehensive summary of the current status of the field that will help guide patient management and stimulate investigative efforts.
all chapters are written by experts in their fields and include the most up to date scientific and clinical more

the surgery of childhood tumors 2016

robert carachi


beginning with the scientific basis of tumors, this book provides up-to-date information on epidemiology, cytogenetics, and molecular biology, before examining current treatments for the full range of pediatric tumors. integration of surgery, neoadjuvant and adjuvant chemotherapy, and radiation therapy is a dominant theme. in addition, chapters on supportive care, palliative care, and the role of parents' associations reflect the book's holistic approach. all chapters are written by world-renowned international authorities on pediatric cancer from major children's cancer groups. excellent full-color pictures and line drawings illustrate all aspects of managing childhood tumors, including details of operative techniques neglected in many other texts. this comprehensive book, expanded and updated to encompass the very latest developments and strategies, provides a contemporary approach for pediatric, general, and urological surgeons dealing with childhood more

operative general surgery in neonates and infants 2016

tomoaki taguchi


this book focuses on standard operative techniques for important diseases in pediatric surgery, especially in neonates and infants, while also offering a wealth of schematic drawings and photographs to help readers understand the surgical techniques. because of the rarity of the diseases and shortage of advising doctors, operative techniques for neonatal and infant surgery are difficult to learn. in order to understand essential operative procedures, schematic drawings and suitable intraoperative photographs are called for. operative general surgery in neonates and infants was written by leading experts in pediatric surgery with extensive experience in their respective fields. the contents provide detailed practical advice on the surgical procedures and perioperative management in neonates and infants. this book is a valuable guide for trainees and a helpful refresher text for specialized pediatric surgeons and can also be used to explain operative procedures to more

diagnostic and interventional ultrasound in pediatrics and pediatric surgery

scholz, stefan, jarboe, marcus d. (eds.)

this book presents a comprehensive, state-of the-art guide and review of ultrasound applications for children and infants with surgical problems. it is meant as a single source to provide information about sonographic application, interpretation and technique for a diversity of pediatric surgical care providers, making it a useful tool for the ultrasound novice as well as the more advanced ultrasonographer. sections address initial obstacles faced by a physician starting with ultrasound such as the scanning techniques, underlying anatomy and normal sonographic findings. the initial chapter provides an introduction and basic overview about ultrasound theory and techniques. subsequent chapters focus on specific body parts and systems and their disease processes as it pertains to pediatric and neonatal patients. the text also includes a chapter on abdominal trauma and its evaluation with the fast (focused abdominal sonography for trauma) exam.

diagnostic and interventional ultrasound in pediatric surgery serves as a useful resource for a broad spectrum of pediatric care providers, including a growing number of ultrasound users, surgeons and pediatricians alike.

key clinical topics in paediatric surgery

author: pachl max, hunt michael n de la, jawaheer girish

this book deals with various key issues in paediatric surgery. its principal purpose is to provide senior trainees in the uk with a concise revision aid for the intercollegiate specialty board examination in paediatric surgery. in addition, its international authorship ensures that candidates attempting paediatric surgery board examinations in their respective countries will also derive benefit. the topics have been set out in alphabetical order. the start of each topic provides the reader with clearly defined learning outcomes. the broad content then reflects the generality of paediatric surgery. it has been our aim to focus on the principles of management rather than minutiae and, as such, this book will also appeal to more junior surgeons. it is important to emphasise the beneficial effect of a multidisciplinary team approach upon clinical outcomes and this resonates throughout the text. specific and general information about operative approaches has been incorporated where possible.

jones clinical paediatric surgery 7th edition

jones’ clinical paediatric surgery, 7th editionby john m. hutson(ed.) ; michael o’brien(ed.) ; spencer w. beasley(ed.) ; sebastian king(ed.)

jones’ clinical paediatric surgery provides clear-sighted advice on the surgical options available for young patients.

building on the popular and successful style of previous editions, this fully revised seventh edition employs a systematic approach to the childhood diseases that need surgical treatment. it includes more case vignettes and colour photographs, expanded coverage on the use of imaging, and updated approaches to management including laparoscopic operations. key subject areas are supported by case vignettes in a familiar format similar to what might appear in an osce viva.

principles and practice of pediatric surgery edition 2

by keith t. oldham (editor), paul m. colombani (editor), robert p. foglia (editor), michael a. skinner (editor)

this two-volume work is the most comprehensive, current, and authoritative reference on pediatric surgery. more than 150 recognized experts provide complete information on the diagnosis and treatment of all surgical diseases and injuries in infants and children.

principles and practice of pediatric surgery provides clinically focused coverage of each organ system, including extensive sections on surgical oncology, the thorax, the abdomen, and trauma and state-of-the-art chapters on endocrine surgery, the breast, injury prevention, cell transplantation, and short bowel syndrome. more than 1,300 illustrations demonstrate surgical procedures step by step.

newborn surgery 3rd edition

newborn surgery 3by

  • prem puri ms frcs frcs (ed) facs faap (hon) newman clinical research professor, university college dublin, ireland; president, national children’s research centre, our lady’s children’s hospital, dublin, ireland; consultant paediatric surgeon, beacon hospital, dublin, ireland

newborn surgery, third edition provides a comprehensive compendium of the pathophysiology, investigation and management of neonatal disorders.

areas covered include in this new edition include:

  • preoperative assessment
  • anesthesia
  • postoperative management
  • nutrition
  • ethical considerations in newborn surgery
  • head, neck, and chest surgery
  • esophagus and gastrointestinal tract surgery
  • liver and biliary tract surgery
  • anterior abdominal wall defects
  • tumors
  • spina bifida and hydrocephalus
  • genitourinary issues
  • long-term outcomes in newborn surgery

with its uniquely comprehensive coverage of neonatal surgical specialties, this book is the first stop for anyone looking to supplement their knowledge in this broad and increasingly disparate field, including pediatric surgeons, general surgeons with pediatric practice, neonatologists, pediatricians, and pediatric radiologists.

  • reflects a “who’s who” of international specialist contributors provides an unrivalled depth of knowledge
  • extensively illustrated throughout to convey key theories and practice
  • fully revised and up-to-date, all modern developments and advances in the field are covered
  • new chapters covering topics such as sepsis, transplantation and the epidemiology of congenital malformations

symptoms and signs in pediatric surgery imaging and surgery

symtoms and signs in pediatric surgeryby

  • georges l kaiser

this concise textbook of pediatric surgery is designed to guide the reader logically from symptoms and signs to diagnosis and treatment. each chapter is devoted to one of 35 key symptoms and signs, which are organized according to six body regions: head, neck, chest, abdomen, urogenital system, and back. in each case, a brief assessment of the presenting sign/symptom and differential diagnosis is followed by discussion of occurrence, clinical presentation and significance, diagnostic work-up, treatment, and prognosis. informative tables, illustrations, and up-to-date references are included throughout. readers will also have access to an e-learning tool developed in collaboration with the institute of medical education, university of bern, which highlights the characteristics of pediatric surgical disorders and their treatment and includes clinical, radiological, and intraoperative images.

every physician and surgeon, whether specialist or generalist, who cares for children will find this book to be an invaluable source of information. it is based on the extensive personal experience of the author, which includes teaching at all levels and training of pediatric surgeons.

  • concise textbook that guides the reader from presenting symptoms and signs to diagnosis and treatment
  • covers 35 key symptoms and signs organized according to body region
  • designed to be of value to all physicians and surgeons who care for children, whether specialists or generalists

handbook of pediatric surgery

handbook of pediatric surgeryby

  • chandrasen k. sinha is a specialist registrar in pediatric surgery at king’s college hospital in london, uk.
  • mark davenport is a consultant pediatric surgeon at king’s college hospital in london, uk.

handbook of pediatric surgery is an extensive yet concise distillation of the knowledge in its field, making for an ideal day-to-day reference guidebook.

the sections include: principles of surgical science; fetal and neonatal surgery; general children’s surgery; principles of pediatric urology; surgery of the liver, pancreas and bile ducts; principles of surgical oncology; pediatric surgery in clinical practice; and spina bifida & hydrocephalus.

written by distinguished authors from across the world, this book presents an international coalescence of perspectives that the reader will find truly enriching and instructive.

hinmans atlas of pediatric urologic surgery 2nd edition

hinman's atlas of pediatric urologic surgeryby

  • frank hinman, jr., md, facs, faap, frcs (eng) (hon) , clinical professor of urology, university of california school of medicine, san francisco, california
  • laurence s. baskin, md, facs, faap , chief of pediatric urology, professor of urology and pediatrics, university of california school of medicine, san francisco, california

no other atlas presents pediatric urologic surgery with such care, attention to detail, and respect for the subject. revised to include a new co-author and new illustrations, this new edition supplements comprehensive, step-by-step coverage of every procedure with the commentary of leading urologists. over 60 new procedures present the latest advances in pediatric urologic surgery. clear writing and detailed illustrations make this atlas ideal for both new and experienced surgeons.

new to this edition

  • features a new co-author and new commentators—the most important names in urology—for expert guidance and a fresh understanding of the subject.
  • covers over 60 new procedures, including laparoscopic varicocele ligation, incision of the urethral plate, ileovesicostomy, laparoscopic orchiectomy, and cloacal exstrophy, to help you provide the best outcomes for pediatric patients.

key features

  • depicts surgery as it is actually performed with beautiful illustrations that illuminate every step in each procedure.
  • follows a surgeon’s approach to technique, providing step-by-step instructions so you understand key anatomy and events during surgery.
  • includes every procedure you might encounter in clinical practice for comprehensive coverage.

operative pediatric surgery 6th 7th edition

operative pediatric surgery 7by

  • lewis spitz mbchb, phd, md(hon), frcs, frcsi(hon), faap(hon), frcpch, fcs(hon) emeritus nuffield professor of paediatric surgery, institute of child health, university college, london and great ormond street hospital for children nhs trust, london, uk
  • arnold coran md emeritus professor of pediatric surgery, the university of michigan medical school and the c.s. mott children’s hospital, ann arbor, michigan; professor of pediatric surgery, new york university school of medicine, new york, new york, usa
  • daniel h. teitelbaum m.d. professor of surgery, section of pediatric surgery, university of michigan, ann arbor, michigan, usa
  • agostino pierro md frcs(eng) frcs(ed) faap nuffield professor of paediatric surgery, institute of child health, university college, london and great ormond street hospital for children nhs trust, london, uk
  • hock lim tan mbbs md fracs frcs (eng) distinguished professor & head of paediatric surgery, faculty of medicine, national university of malaysia, malaysia

the seventh edition of the acclaimed text operative pediatric surgery continues to provide a unique level of comprehensive detail on the full range of surgically treatable conditions presented in neonate and childhood as well as in utero. with an international list of authors, the chapters have been updated and complemented by the high-quality artwork that has established this operative guide as the standard reference for the pediatric surgeon.

this new edition retains the successful format of previous editions. it first highlights the initial principles and justification for the procedure. next, the book outlines preoperative investigations and preparation. this is followed by the operative procedure itself and postoperative management. new chapters have been added to this edition that cover the latest techniques such as minimal invasive surgery, robotic surgery, and single orifice laparoscopic surgery.

the chapters are arranged in eight sections, with each section emphasizing the overall management of patients. tricks of the trade of individual authors are included, as well as discussions of technical and clinical judgment.

the new and updated edition of operative pediatric surgery remains the pre-eminent operative guide to a full range of pediatric conditions.

key features

  • provides a truly global perspective with a “who’s who” of international contributors and editors
  • covers fetal, neonatal, and childhood surgery
  • includes over 1,000 detailed line drawings to illustrate the surgical procedures
  • presents justifications for the procedures as well as pre- and post-op protocols
  • reflects the latest techniques, including minimally invasive surgery, robotic surgery, and laparoscopy

pediatric robotic and reconstructive urology a comprehensive guide

pediatric robotic and reconstructive urologyby

  • mohan s. gundeti, mb ms mch febu frcs (urol) feapu, associate professor of urology in surgery and pediatrics, director & chief, pediatric urology, director, the center for pediatric robotic and minimal invasive surgery, the university of chicago and comer children’s hospital, chicago, il, usa

robotic urological surgery is one of the most significant urological developments in recent years. it allows for greater precision than laparoscopic methods while retaining quicker recovery time and reduced morbidity over classical open surgical techniques. for children, where the room for error is already reduced because of smaller anatomy, it takes on even more importance for urologists. as a result, robotic surgery is rightly considered one of the most exciting contemporary developments in pediatric urology.

pediatric robotic and reconstructive urology: a comprehensive guide provides specialist and trainees with an innovative text and video guide to this dynamic area, in order to aid mastery of robotic approaches and improve the care of pediatric patients.

full-color throughout and including over 130 color images, this comprehensive guide covers key areas including:

  • training, instrumentation and physiology of robotic urologic surgery
  • surgical planning and techniques involved
  • adult reconstructive principles applicable to pediatrics
  • management of complications, outcomes and future perspectives for pediatric urologic surgery

also included are 30 high-quality surgical videos illustrating robotic surgery in action, accessed via a companion website, thus providing the perfect visual tool for the user.

with chapters authored by the leading names in the field, and expertly edited by mohan gundeti, this ground-breaking book is essential reading for all pediatric urologists, pediatric surgeons and general urologists, whether experienced or in training.

atlas of pediatric laparoscopy and thoracoscopy with cd rom

atlas of pediatric laparoscopy and thoracoscopyby

  • george w. holcomb, iii, md, the katharine b. richardson endowed chair in pediatric surgery, university of missouri – kansas city; surgeon-in-chief and director, center for minimally invasive surgery, the children’s mercy hospital, kansas city, mo;
  • keith georgeson, md, pediatric surgery clinic, birmingham, al
  • steven s. rothenberg, md, rocky mountain pediatric surgery, denver, co

abundantly illustrated, this unique resource offers you comprehensive and authoritative guidance from internationally known experts on the nuances of minimally invasive pediatric surgery. step-by-step instructions coupled with 350 exquisite full-color illustrations and 200 line drawings help you perfect even the most difficult laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgeries. complete coverage of almost all pediatric surgical conditions is provided through laparoscopic approaches, including gastrointestinal, intra-abdominal, and urologic procedures as well as robotic operations, and a variety of thoracoscopic procedures. plus, a dvd of 34 video clips of key procedures, running three hours in length, demonstrates the newest techniques, such as laparoscopic fundoplication, laparoscopic excision of a choledochal cyst, thoracoscopic aortopexy, thoracoscopic right lower lobectomy for a ccam, and the nuss procedure, to help you hone your skills to accommodate pediatric patients and avoid pitfalls.

key features

  • provides the very latest information on minimally invasive endoscopic/thoracoscopic approaches on children to broaden your surgical options and minimize recovery times and post-operative complications.
  • offers you a step-by-step approach to practice-proven techniques so you know exactly how to proceed and what to expect.
  • includes a three-hour long dvd, containing 34 video clips of key procedures performed by the physicians who pioneered them to help you master your own technique and avoid potential pitfalls.
  • presents 350 full-color endoscopic views with 200 corresponding line drawings that illuminate every concept and highlight important anatomical details, giving you superb visual guidance.
  • follows a consistent chapter organization that helps you find what you need fast.